Mobile wallets are the future of money as the need for mobility, speed and simplicity grows. Mobility is penetrating deeply in every aspect of our lives and in fact, it’s becoming a lifestyle. At tmob, we combine our expertise in digital money technologies and user interface design to trigger high adoption of mobile wallets.

Digitization of money is changing the nature of services businesses offer and visionary companies are stepping ahead of the competition by offering innovative and value-added mobile wallet services to their customers.


In the short run, most mobile users will demand wallet services from their brands to benefit from the speed and convenience latest technological advancements have to offer. Particularly addressing the needs of banks and telco businesses, tmob’s wallet structure is an all-inclusive solution facilitating utility payments and money transfers as well as storing cards and memberships.

Mobile wallet is a breakthrough technology in the concept of money. By adopting mobile wallet technologies, banks and telco businesses ensure sustainable and consistent user experiences while delivering services such as daily transactions, digital purchasing, utility payments, storing credit cards & memberships, SIM & HCE based contactless payments and more.

tmob’s unique wallet framework is preferred by world’s top brands, as it offers an unparalleled end-to-end solution, facilitating digital money experiences on mobile devices, increasing usage and customer satisfaction. Vodafone has chosen tmob as one of the two global financial services provider to deliver a feature-rich mobile wallet solution designed and developed by tmob’s expert team.

Contactless Payment

We focus on developing digital money solutions, closely following technological advancements in this space. Our expert team bring all the pieces together to provide the highest quality end-to-end contactless payment solutions. As a result, we have taken aboard two global companies to provide a variety of digital money solutions as an alternative to their physical purchasing channels. Mastercard’s white label HCE based NFC feature enables nearly 2X faster transactions while Vodafone’s award-winning wallet solution includes a SIM based NFC feature, providing a new payment method to customers.

These technologies are used in alternative scenarios such as purchasing public transportation tickets, buying from vending machines and integrating physical ATM experiences with mobile technology. Also, wallet security systems are compatible with biometric authentication methods such as touchID, fingerprint & retina scan and more.

Our focus is to facilitate purchasing processes and increase accessibility with all payment technologies we provide with an extensive set of financial services from daily transactions to digital purchasing experiences.

Digital Purchasing

The nature of purchasing habits and the way money flows have gone through far-reaching change. As tmob we have combined our expertise in digital money and m-commerce services to maximize the scope of our solutions. Our digital payment infrastructure delivers a flawless purchasing process, increasing the quality and value of your services while expanding transaction volume.

Digital money offers a whole new world of opportunities for banks and telcos today. Through payment system technologies, businesses can go beyond the physical and seize the opportunity to offer the simple yet efficient path to purchase.

MFS Platform Functionalities

  • Bill Payment
  • Digital Payment
(online e-commerce and  in-app checkout)
  • Pre-Paid Mobile Top-up
  • Account Management
  • HCE
  • SDK
  • Registration
  • KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • QR based Payment
  • Debit & Credit Cards
  • P2P prepaid top-up
  • Fees and charges
  • E-Money
  • DCB
  • P2P Money Transfer
  • Physical Store Payments
  • In-store Remote Payment