7 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

As mobile usage continues to rise unabated, it is imperative that businesses establish a solid mobile marketing strategy. To help you stay ahead of competitors and drive traffic to your site, we’ve put together a list of mobile trends to keep up with this year:

1. Chatbots

Chatbot technology offers businesses a new way to interact with customers using artificial intelligence. Eliminating the need for human customer service staff, chatbots can answer questions, place orders, collect information and make reservations. They’re also great for conducting customer surveys to inform your marketing strategy. Ensuring that you offer a simple mobile application to host your chatbot is a great way to stay on top of this trend.

2. High-quality content

Content marketing has been an important part of digital marketing for a while now, in part due to the role it plays in search engine optimisation (SEO). As the number of people reading content on their mobile devices continues to grow, however, businesses are under increasing pressure to come up with engaging content that keeps people hooked.
In this way, you should aim to produce content that offers value to your customer base. It should be easy to read and be optimised for a pleasant mobile experience.

3. Voice search

Voice search is a very different process to traditional, typing-based search. Indeed, voice searches tend to be longer than typed searches and are usually location-focused. As the number of people using voice search continues to grow, therefore, it is important for companies to optimise their marketing strategy to accommodate this trend.

4. Mobile wallet usage

Mobile wallet applications are becoming increasingly fertile marketing platforms. This is because most mobile wallets allow brands to set up their own loyalty schemes. The more customers shop with your company using a mobile wallet, the higher their rewards will be. Offering this kind of incentive is a great way to drive traffic.

5. Cloud-based mobile applications

Cloud-based mobile apps are great for increasing customer engagement. Indeed, they allow for special features such as loyalty schemes and easily-accessible content that can boost trust in your brand.

6. Blockchain technology for app security

Blockchain has the potential to tighten the security of mobile apps in a number of ways. Indeed, its decentralised framework allows for greater data transparency as original data cannot be altered without other users noticing. It also protects against password leaks and increases identity protections.

7. App store optimisation

Optimising your brand’s app to push it further up the app store rankings is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital landscape. Similar to SEO, it requires companies to choose keywords carefully, boost app functionality and think about technical factors such as the app’s size.
Mobile marketing is becoming an increasingly diverse field. Whether you’re a fashion retailer or a restaurateur, coming up with a solid mobile marketing strategy that incorporates at least some of the aforementioned techniques is important if you want to stay ahead of competitors. Get in touch with Tmob to find out how we could help bolster your mobile marketing strategy.

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