7 tips to skyrocket your app downloads

You’ve been knocking yourself out to meet your customers on a mobile shopping app. You’ve been working on your extensive feature set, perfectioning your app’s design, thinking very hard for your customers’ satisfaction. Mobile is a whole new channel to create a solid bond with your customers, let’s keep them coming! So, what’s next?

We’d like to share some quick tips and tricks to make your brand-new mobile shopping app more visible and accessable to users, while significantly increasing the app downloads to boost your sales.



Your mobile shopping app is the new member of your sales club including your desktop and mobile websites along with your brick-and-mortar shops. So, start by spreading the word!

  • Announce your new app on your webistes’ most visible areas. (i.e. Home page banner, blog ad)
  • Send an e-mail to your customers and prospects, encouraging them to download the app, including mobile-only special offers.



Your online store can have high levels of traffic, however keep in mind that your mobile app is a whole new channel to explore.

  • Direct your mobile website shoppers to download your iOS and Android app with a CTA button.



Even though the mobile shift is fast and rapid, customers might experience difficulties in benefiting from the convenience of mobile shopping apps. You need to focus on breaking the ice!

  • Offer them mobile-only campaigns, incentives, gift cheques, appealing content and more. Surprise them!
  • Make sure that they receive correct and consistent messages to give them a solid reason to shop on mobile.



Visibility is super-important for your e-store to make your customers familiar with your brand through multiple channels. So get ready to walk an extra mile.

  • Use Google AdWords to reach new customers and grow your m-commerce business. You can choose the specific areas to display your ads with a pre-determined budget — and easily track their effectiveness.
  • Display ads in popular apps to reach prospects who are already actively using mobile channels.
  • Explore various social media advertising options.



As we all know by heart, the power of media is huge! It’s time to leverage this great channel to take a fancy to use your mobile shopping app.

  • Publish a press release to announce your new mobile app. It’s important to serve it on multiple publications, magazines, etc.
  • Social media has a huge impact on your app’s awareness. It’s important to encourage your customers to download your app regularly using engaging content and social media ads.
  • Don’t forget to listen what your customers have to say. Analyze their feedback and comments to improve your messaging.



Did you know that 63% of mobile app downloads are led by app store searches? So, it’s time to consider ASO (App Store Optimization) through your new mobile shopping app journey.

Key elements of ASO:

  • App name
  • App description
  • App logo
  • App video
  • App publisher
  • Screenshots from the app
  • App keywords
  • Check out what your competitors have been doing. You can benefit from your analysis to identify quality keywords.
  • Keep track of keyword performance to forge ahead in the competition by keeping your app amongst the high-ranking ones in the market.
  • Identify the best time and category before publishing your app.



 Catch your customer’s eye when they are wandering around in the App Store and Google Play.

  • Use appealing screenshots, pictures and videos to make your customers take a fancy to your mobile shopping app.
  • Be responsive and genuine in customer feedback management.
  • Keep your messages personalized, explanatory and friendly.



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