Advanced Analytics

Monitor your app performance and engagement efforts through Magma’s advanced analytics module, facilitating improvement of your app for better customer engagement.

Real Time Store Monitoring

Monitor your Google Play and App Store accounts from a unified dashboard to access your data without the need to switch between accounts.

Easily track app analytics and user comments. Store Ratings Download Statistics User Comments Rankings

Google Analytics Integration and E-commerce Tracking Tool

Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking Tool allows businesses to track and monitor how their sales figures change for specific items, checkout types, time periods and more.

Analyze the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts while capturing behavioral data to optimize mobile shopping experiences for your customers, while increasing conversion rates.

Engagement Analytics

Analyze the effectiveness of your engagement campaigns to increase customer loyalty. Track push notification stats by device type — open rates, active and new users, average usage time — and evaluate campaign effectiveness.

Google Tag Manager Integration

Better manage your manually-written and hard-coded tags for your native m-commerce apps by replacing them with the dynamic tagging system offered by the tag manager. Google Tag Manager integration ensures security, speed and high performance, working perfectly with your native m-commerce app’s infrastructure. Enjoy error-free tag management for your m-commerce apps with less effort and improved accuracy.

AppDynamics Integration

Identify, monitor and manage app performance issues with the all-in-one AppDynamics module:

  • Transaction profiling & monitoring
  • App mapping
  • Real-time analytics
  • Alerting system