Android Wear: information that moves with you


OK, think of a device that can search the internet by predicting what you say, tell you the potential spots to get stuck in traffic jam in the city, keep you updated about the unexpected delay on your flight, and also jog your memory about your 3rd anniversary next Tuesday just with a quick look at your watch. Technology is evolving and the environment shares a common enthusiasm about wearables obviously.

Google’s Android Wear provides the “information that moves with you” going beyond the act of telling the time on small, intelligent devices on body. As the world enthusiastically embraces wearable technology recently, tmob catches the wind and gets its hands on with the first Android Wear banking app on smartwatches in Turkey. Tmob’s developer team has started working on this industry leading project for Denizbank. Tmob’s banking app will be offering users to perform banking activities such as checking exchange rates, checking balance, locating closest ATMs and more on their smartwatches. Tmob’s pioneer project focuses on enhancing user experience by integrating the latest technology with qualified user experience.