The holiday shopping season has been kicked off! Remember the times when we used to wake up super-early in the morning, wait in long lines and fight tooth and nail to buy that big-screen TV, but things have been changing lately, right? If you’re reading this blog post, obviously you’re quite familiar with the undeniable growth of m-commerce and what a native mobile app has to offer.


The holiday rush is just around the corner. Almost every retailer is super ready with killer deals for the peak time of the year but as you know by heart, customers always expect them to go further each and every day. Offering a great discount is good, but not good enough. As potential customers, we want to buy that 70% discounted vacuum cleaner and we want to buy it in the comfort of our own couches. If this sounds like you, don’t worry you are not alone. According to Google, 54% of all holiday shoppers are planning to shop on their mobile devices this holiday season. This directly leads us to the world of mobile opportunities; offering great deals on mobile devices with a flawless mobile presence.


The game has changed. Mobile is big, and smart e-commerce owners and managers are giving precisely what the customer wants; the entire mobile experience. Not just mobile optimization, but the whole personalized and fuss-free experience delivered via a native m-commerce app.


E-commerce businesses can deliver seamless m-commerce experiences and enjoy the advantages that come with native m-commerce apps such as:

  • Engaging their customers with highly targeted push notifications & pop ups
  • Offer one-click payment option to mobile shoppers for easier check-out
  • Achieve higher security standards via biometric verification systems
  • Offer ocation based services

In return, they’ll enjoy the best of both worlds, achieving significantly higher conversion rates and meeting their beloved customer’s demand for mobile presence.


Don’t think it’s too late to mobilize your e-commerce business. You can welcome the holiday rush by creating your native m-commerce app in less than a day with t-appz.


Ready, set, go mobile!



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