Ubimecs Aviation Module

A complete commerce platform which reduces
reliance on legacy systems.

      Why Ubimecs
      Aviation Module

      Create a new passenger experience that is more than an airline ticket.

      Enhanced Revenue Management

      Each customer is unique. Understanding your customer’s needs and priorities is key. The conveniences for your industry needs and leads to a significant increase in revenue.

      Control Over The Offer

      Having control over offers enables more personalized and customized travel experiences for passengers. Providing flexibility to customers by selecting from ancillary products to legroom or meal options enhances the customer experience.

      Customer Engagement

      Increasing customer engagement and loyalty is key to increase customer retention and revenue. Personalized engagement functions are here to help your business by offering customized campaigns to your customers.

      An Optimized Distribution Mix

      More flexibility and an optimized distribution mix to your business with many of the features it offers. Each airline’s needs are different so you get to choose which features your business needs the most.

      Omni-channel Reach

      Reach your customers through synchronized digital channels through web, app, smartwatches, kiosk and more.

      Optimized Payment and Fulfillment

      New NDC and One Order standards will optimize the payment and fulfillment of categories of products by supporting promotions, payment processing and customer relationship management.

      Ubimecs is also integrated with IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) standards.

      Aviation Module Features

      Features that allow you to personalize shopping experience, access customer
      information, rich ancillary content and much more.

      Booking Engine

      Integrated with all required data sources, the booking engine helps your passengers to book their flights in a quick manner. It shows recent searches, no-flight / no-seat destinations, round-trip / one-way scenarios, and favorite destinations.


      Increase your average basket value by providing complementary products & services like special meal selection, airport transfer, fast track, car rental and so on.

      Siri and Google Assistant

      Providing easy support functions through virtual assistants like Siri integration and Google Assistant.

      Baggage Tracking

      Tracking by PNR or baggage ID is now possible with Ubimecs platform.


      Let your passengers check the available flights and dates by comparing seats, comparing flight days and reviewing class information.

      Loyalty Program

      Build a long-term relationship with your customers and keep their interest tihg trough the loyalty program.


      With various push notificaiton, deep-link supoort and sales funnel uplift scenarios, make your platform users more active than ever.


      Diversify your payment methods so that your users can make purchases more comfortably.

      Office Content

      Create and manage the offline contents (blogs, movies, songs, magazines etc.) that are accessible while the users have no access to the internet.

      Analytics & Report

      With multiple analytics tools, you can make analyze in-depth detail about the visitors on your website directly in the dashboard. It supports 3rd party API integration with most global brands.


      Based on their location or the language of the device, provide a multi-language option to make your flight management platform that is east to understand.


      Check out Ubimecs Aviation Module Projects.


      More than just your standard airline ticket.

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