Make sure your product fits the market and your target audience’s demands.

What is Benchmarking?

When starting a product design process, it is important to know whether it's targeting the right audience and fits the market. Benchmarking highlights best cases and guides product designers to learn from these examples, so it is essential to analyse the landscape beforehand.
At Shape, we approach every client and every product uniquely. We use our know-how and experience in leading industries to compose our industry benchmarks. After analysing the available solutions and competitors, we create a roadmap for the following process.

Why is Benchmarking important?

Benchmarking is one of the core concepts of the product design process. It is a guide to create flawless products and experiences. We recommend executing it before beginning the visual design process. On top of that, benchmarking can also be used for product improvement and enhancing user experience.

What to expect from benchmarking?

Analysis document

Highlights from the target industry


Sharing the outputs in discussion sessions

What comes after?

Benchmarking is essential to understand the target audience and the marketplace. After the
benchmarking process, user research, experience design, and visual design can be
conducted according to the needs of the product. At Shape, we provide a wide range of
design services to meet users expectations.

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