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Welcome to Tmobia, the workplace where we change the rules of the game with a next-gen approach.

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The story of Tmobia

Our Guide for Decision Making and Action Taking.


Arbejdsglaede (Happiness Doctrine)

Like many of the inspirational stories, Tmob began its journey in a desk-and-chair-sized office in 2009. With each new milestone, Tmobia of today began its formation, adding new Tmobians who are passionate about offering something new to everyday technology. With each new Tmobian who are life-long learners, brave, visionary, Tmob was able to turn into a global technology powerhouse that transformed digital transformation journeys of leading telcos, the most digitalized city of the world, fintechs, and e-retailers. Our secret to the perfect workplace that our team loves? The happiness doctrine.


Every Tmobian has the freedom to show their potential in every aspect of life.


We offer a work environment where inspiration is encouraged.


We know life’s not all about work, so we listen to the needs of Tmobians whenever they need.


There’s no space for insecurity at Tmobia, and we make sure that you’re heard.


We focus on meritocracy instead of hierarchy.


Every Tmobian is unique, so we create new ways to communicate to each of them accordingly.


We want Tmobians to have long-term objectives at Tmob, so we adapt to your needs and demands.


We try to make sure that every Tmobian designs their own life-work balance.


We encourage Tmobians to get better at the skills they want to learn to build a more holistic approach.


Tmobia is not a physical place; it’s where Tmobians feel the most productive.


Ideas are what matter at Tmobia, and we show our gratitude for the brilliant ones.


It’s not about working hard at Tmobia; it’s about achieving the goals in a smarter way.

Values that define Tmobia

What differentiates a Tmobian from a run of the mill employee.









Essentials of Tmobia

Influence the world

Be a part of teams that reshape the way businesses and people take advantage of technology.

Work wherever you want

Your workplace is where you are, and so is Tmobia.

Challenge yourself

If you believe in constant self-improvement, Tmobia’s your favourite place.

Level up

Unburden the skills you can excel in. The limit’s your imagination.

Celebrate yourself

We value diversity more than anything, and you’re welcome to highlight your unique self.

Love your workplace

We are certificated with Great Places to Work in two categories, and we’re sure you’ll love it.

Life at Tmobia

We believe in investing in our teammates, giving them opportunities to grow within the company, and providing Tmobians with anything they need to succeed, inspire, and learn more. We know that satisfied teammates equal better outcomes, so we always evolve life at Tmobia with your feedback.

The perks of being a Tmobian

Design your own workflow

You’re not identified with your job, and we are aware of that. Here at Tmobia, we value a perfect work-life balance for Tmobians to achieve the best performance.

Become a shareholder

We provide equity to most Tmobians, so when we grow and succeed, you do as well.

Equality on every level

Equal pay isn’t all that you get at Tmobia. We also provide equal paid parental leave to create a better environment for all Tmobians.

Enhance your skills

You can always aim higher with workshops and courses that challenge your mind. The best part is, the new skills you learn don’t have to be in your area of expertise.

Global mobility

You can work wherever you want, even aboard! As we said, Tmobia is where you are!

A+ medical insurance

We handle your well being on the mental front, and you’re also covered on the physical front with top-notch medical insurance.

Team-bonding activities

Tmobia is not only a place to work; it’s also a safe space where you party! We’re sure you’ll love our team-bonding activities.

Europe e-residency

As a global company, we make sure that Tmobians have it all, so we provide a European e-residency to Tmobians!


If agility, innovation, creativity, and dedication are the keywords of your life, Tmobia is the place to be. As an ever-growing team of inspiring people that touch the lives of millions of people via technology, we can’t wait for a newcomer to excite us with their new and challenging ideas.#JoinTmob, and begin a new chapter of your life where work meets new experiences.


Senior UX/UI Designer

Full Time - Remote

React Native Developer

Full Time - Remote

React.js Developer

Full Time - Remote

Business Analyst&Test Engineer

Full Time - Remote

Project Manager

Full Time - Remote

Business Development Specialist

Full Time - Hybrid

Senior Growth Executive

Full Time - Hybrid


Business Analyst&Test Engineer

Full Time - Remote

Project Manager

Full Time - Remote


Head of Engineering

Full Time - Remote

Backend Developer

Full Time - Remote

iOS Developer

Full Time - Remote

React Native Developer

Full Time - Remote

Android Developer

Full Time - Remote

React.js Developer

Full Time - Remote


Visual Designer

Full Time - Remote

UX/UI Designer

Full Time - Remote

Senior UX/UI Designer

Full Time - Remote

Business Development

Product Manager

Full Time - Hybrid

Business Development Specialist

Full Time - Hybrid

Business Development Manager

Full Time - Hybrid

Partner Manager

Full Time - Hybrid


Senior Growth Executive

Full Time - Hybrid