The ultimate e-commerce wallet, developed specifically for the needs of Hepsiburada users.


The NASDAQ-listed e-commerce giant has taken a huge step to become the ultimate super-app

Developed by the NASDAQ-listed global e-commerce giant Hepsiburada, Hepsipay aimed to create a more convenient and secure payment tool for millions of e-commerce customers of Hepsiburada and its most valuable stakeholders, SMEs. The payment application worked as an integration within Hepsiburada and served millions of users to make instant payments and take advantage of loyalty perks.


Realization: 2022


Realization: 2022


A payment tool to transform the e-commerce experience

We developed the next version of Hepsipay in partnership with the client. Thanks to our years-long expertise in the mobile fintech arena, we met with the client on the same page quickly with the most fitting features to be developed for Hepsipay. In the end, we managed to launch the service in under eight months, thanks to the strong and constructive partnership of our client. In a very short period of time, Hepsipay has exceeded 10 million users, which means more than 12,5% of the country has used the new-age payment method.


Evolving what works perfectly

Our paths crossed with Hepsipay in early 2022, when the company needed a development partner that had a strong presence in the payments and financial technologies arena. As a SaaS and PaaS company that has experience in fintech, banking & payments, we stepped in to develop the next generation of Hepsipay: a payment tool that enhances the e-commerce experience for anyone involved. Thanks to the flexibility of our team and Hepsipay’s constructive partnership, we completed the project successfully.

Why Tmob?

Why did Hepsipay choose Tmob?

As a global company that’s been listed in NASDAQ, Hepsiburada needed a partner that both has experience in next-generation payment solutions and can work on a global scale. Thanks to our strong client portfolio that includes Fortune 500 companies and our expertise in the financial solutions area, we were one of the first to come to mind. Adding the project was to be conducted in partnership with the client, our flexibility became our strong hand, and in under eight months, we completed and launched the project flawlessly.


Our solutions

For “Hepsipay 2.0”, we aimed to make it become the ultimate payment tool for e-commerce. Thus, we developed new features like BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later), instant refunds & payments, and added the basics into the mix, like P2P money transfers and loyalty features.

As a financial solution that’s designed for an e-commerce platform, Hepsipay now offers Buy Now, Pay Later, without the need for a third-party payment tool like a debit or a credit card.
Special Offers
Hepsipay users now get special offers on the e-commerce platform, Hepsiburada. Thanks to Hepsipay’s strong data analysis infrastructure, the loyalty program is more robust than ever.
Instant Refunds
Hepsipay users will be able to get instant refunds without needing to wait for their banks’ approval, as Hepsipay works seamlessly with Hepsiburada.
P2P Money Transfers
Hepsipay can also be used out of Hepsiburada as a mobile wallet, which lets users make P2P money transfers make mobile payments outside the platform & more, with all the perks of a modern fintech app.

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