With the MFS Platform, we reimagined how the İstanbulkart Mobile app can serve more than 13 million users.

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The Client & The Challenge

BELBIM has been building technology solutions that connect the enterprises and the residents of the Eurasian metropolitan. In 1994, the company built the first electronic toll collection system for public transportation in the country with its highly-popular inter-transportation payment tool “Akbil,” also known as the smart ticket. After Akbil, BELBIM went for a more convenient and smart solution, Istanbulkart. For almost a decade, BELBIM has connected millions of Istanbulites with Istanbulkart that lets residents use public transport of all kinds, and in 2019, our paths crossed with BELBIM to carry İstanbulkart one step ahead as the “card of the city.” After the 2019 transformation, users got the ability to make payments in BELBIM enterprises such as cafes and restaurants, bike rentals, parking spaces, and more! Today, İstanbulkart is going through yet another major transformation, taking advantage of the mobile payment capabilities of Tmob Mobile Financial Solutions Platform.


The future is mobile—so is Istanbul!

Our roads crossed with BELBIM intending to offer a more mobile-centric experience to Istanbulites. The first challenge was to carry all of the features that İstanbulkart offers and more into the mobile devices. With the MFS Platform, we reimagined how the İstanbulkart Mobile app can serve more than 13 million users.


Why Did BELBIM Choose Tmob?

Looking for a solution partner that can accelerate the mobile transformation of İstanbulkart, BELBIM decided to go with an experienced mobile solution provider with great know-how in the mobile payments area and can take advantage of NFC and QR payment technologies. As a SaaS / PaaS company that has served digital banks, mobile wallets, and FinTech start-ups for more than twelve years, we thought that our Mobile Financial Solutions Platform would fit perfectly with the renewed, digitalised, and mobilised İstanbulkart. In a concise time, like eight months, we customized our platform and created the Istanbulkart Mobile application.



With the new Istanbulkart Mobile app, Istanbulites can take advantage of QR payments and have the freedom to leave their physical cards at home. The new Istanbulkart Mobile app lets users load balances, activate monthly subscriptions, and use kiosks with NFC with a more liberated and user-friendly interface.



With the renewed Istanbulkart website, one can easily top-up balance, check transaction history, get a closer look to FAQs, download the app, explore different campaigns offered for Istanbulkart and see loading and spending points available for the use of Istanbulkart.


Our Solutions

We’ve been developing our MFS platform to meet the everyday needs of the modern user that uses technology as a key to convenience. For the Istanbulkart Mobile app, we took key mobile technologies that can ease urban life. With the new Istanbulkart Mobile app, users can use their mobile devices as an Istanbulkart payment tool and an actual Istanbulkart!

No Need for a Physical Card

The best part of the Istanbulkart Mobile app is that users can finally use their phones as public transport payment tools thanks to the QR technology.

Balance Check

The new Istanbulkart Mobile app lets users see their remaining card balances via NFC by drawing their cards next to their phones.

Subscription Payments

Istanbulites can now load balances via mobile devices or order monthly card subscriptions. Thanks to NFC, users now can load payments with a quick tap!

Kiosk Map

Istanbulkart users can sign up for personalised notifications about their flights for a better pre-flight experience.

Payments History

Istanbulkart users can see their balance activities via the mobile app.

Istanbulkart Transaction History Screen

The Result

Istanbul is more mobile than ever thanks to the redesigned and improved Istanbulkart Mobile app. BELBIM aims to make the app available to 13 million Istanbulkart users across İstanbul. See how we built a bridge between physical and digital experiences with the mobile app on Google Play, App Store and Huawei.


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