Mowico is an m-commerce platform that enables the e-commerce companies build their own native mobile apps with limitless design options, components, and integrations.



As a m-commerce platform, Mowico transforms e-commerce businesses into native mobile applications. With its limitless customization feature, Mowico provides a unique mobile experience to retailers to boost their revenue and increase sales.

Mowico began this journey in 2019 and with the feedbacks of their clients and due to the never-ending improvement in the digital world, they have decided to step up their game and launched a sophisticated
m-commerce platform.m-commerce platform.


Realization: 2019 – Ongoing


Realization: 2019 – Ongoing


App building for every e-commerce business

Here at Tmob, we turn ideas into reality, and Mowico is a great example of that. The company came to us with a brilliant idea that’ll change the mobile commerce arena drastically, and they needed a PaaS to make it real. With years of experience and expertise in the e-commerce area, we started developing a no-code mobile e-commerce platform for the brand, which immediately began solving a complex problem in the easiest way possible.


A quest to revolutionise mobile commerce

Mowico saw a gap or you may call an opportunity in the e-commerce world that small or middle-sized retailers were in need of a mobile platform however unable to afford due to high costs in the area. They wanted to be reachable from every kind of commerce companies no matter what their revenue is.

Why Tmob?

Why did Mowico choose Tmob?

As a SaaS and PaaS powerhouse, we’ve been transforming the online presence of businesses of every kind for more than a decade, which made Tmob a perfect candidate for Mowico’s revolutionary idea. No-code may be a complex area to get into, but with our know-how in development and -commerce, it became a reality within months.


Our solutions

Here are our one-of-a-kind solutions that we designed for Mowico.

Advanced Dashboard
Enables to create unique and native mobile applications.
Customizable Components
Editable and customizable components with unlimited variations.
Limitless features
Countless functional settings to manage all in one platform.
Enriched design tools
Customizable design with easy drag and drop tool.
Sync with +30 E-commerce platforms
Integration with most e-commerce infrastructures.
Integration with most payment providers
In addition to the existing payment methods, provides the flexibility to add the most preferred payment methods for a smooth checkout process.

An app builder for the inexpereinced

Coding may sound threatening or many, so we took simplicity into the centre while developing Mowico Wizard. The drag-and-drop interface, and the three-step app creation process welcome Mowico users to create their own, unique apps the moment they log in to the platform.


A key to moblisation for every ecommerce

Within six months of launching, the app has been downloaded by 300,000 Halkbank customers. It was one of the “most downloaded apps” in Google Play and App Store. With the launch of the new application, mobile became one of the most used channels of the bank, 30% of customers carried out their transaction through their mobile-connected devices. This app is also a “Stevie Awards “candidate for the best integrated mobile experience award.

300+ B2B Customers

240% Retention Rate for
their Clients

Any E-commerce Platform Integration

John N. Davis
Chief Product Officer

The development process for custom-fit digital products usually takes time. Nevertheless, with Tmob | Thinks Mobility it ensued in weeks, thus they saved us both time and effort. We were also pleasantly surprised by the deliverability of custom requests. We had encountered nothing of the sort with similar technology powerhouses in the past. The team provides top-of-the-line customer experiences. We look forward to working together to add new features to maintain our astonishing growth.


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