End-to-end travel experience with IATA’s NDC capable omnichannel commerce platform.

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Since its foundation in 2009, Tmob has been building software and creating new revenue streams with future-centric technology and a team of experts in three main areas: Mobile Financial Solutions, Grocery, and Airline. Our end-to-end, customizable, ready-made platforms focus on creating unified experiences that enhance performance, innovation, and profit.

Tmob has offered customized solutions for more than 200 projects for more than a decade, including industry-leading and Fortune 500 companies. With the aim of creating partnerships over being “service providers”, we maintain being one step ahead of today’s technology.


Unified Airline Platform

Founded as a joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines in 1989, SunExpress is a true sun specialist and offers numerous direct connections between Europe and Turkey. With more than 3,300 employees, SunExpress now serves 42 destinations in 20 countries. In terms of their digitalization journey, we made sure to reach their high standards with our unified Airline Platform.

When SunExpress first rang our bell, the airline didn’t have any mobile presence. With our unified Airline Platform, we aimed to create a seamless experience that worked on both the web and mobile with IATA’s new NDC and One Order standards.


IATA One Order Compatibility

In the search for a software development company that’s focused on mobile solutions, SunExpress found Tmob, and we began our conversation. The company claims that the rich feature set of the Ubimecs Airline Module and its IATA one order compatibility were the two main reasons that SunExpress decided to work with Tmob to design a mobile experience that would fit the NDC standards.


First-class Airline Experience

We finalized the SunExpress Mobile App using Ubimecs Airline Module in 2020. We have integrated a seamless experience that works following the same rules on the SunExpress website and mobile app using this module. After our collaboration, the airline got its first mobile application, which easily meets the standards of a modern-day, first-class airline experience.


Our Solutions

Tmob’s Ubimecs Module is designed to meet the demands of the modern-day end-user with the most convenient experience. According to SunExpress, it checked all the boxes to build a unified app upon, thanks to its ready-to-use, customizable nature and Tmob developer team’s agile actions. With Ubimecs Airline Module, we managed to complete a seamless end-user experience for the airline within two years. Here are the top features loved by SunExpress and its guests:

A Seamless Booking Experience

SunExpress passengers can design their in-flight experience on the SunExpress mobile application. Passengers can search for flights, select and book seats, select their meals, luggage preferences, and the airline is planning on integrating even more ancillary services in the future.

Quick Mobile Check-in

With the mobile application, SunExpress guests can store their boarding passes on their mobile devices and, using the app; they can complete their mobile check-in processes in seconds.

Uninterrupted Communication

SunExpress customers can sign up for personalized notifications about their flights for a better pre-flight experience.


With a mobile application that works seamlessly with the SunExpress website, the 32-year-old airline can now bring the modern-day booking and flight experience to its passengers through the latest technology. After the application launch, the airline served more than 200,000 passengers between Jan 21 and Oct 21 with their new-age flight experiences. Like in all of our platforms, we are constantly updating Ubimecs to give our clients the latest features, and we’re excited to see how SunExpress takes advantage of it. With every new feature, we seek to expand our partnership with the Lufthansa Group in the future.


SunExpress Mobile App.

Check out our video to find out more about SunExpress’ new mobile application that has been built on tmob’s Ubimecs airline solution.

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“ I think it is extremely beneficial, our Turkish customers have started to see their mobile phone as a wallet. Do you know what does it mean? It’s a revolution and your revolution has transformed our wallet into a simple and highly secure mobile app! “


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