The new UK-based bank is meeting the financial needs of underserved customers.


All-digital banking

Vive is a branchless bank and has a team of industry experts with a proven track record of delivering market-leading banking products and services, who know that banking can be done better. Vive wants to simplify the world of personal finance, with fair products, clear processes, and innovative technology at the heart of everything they do.


Realization: 2021


Realization: 2021


A branchless bank that's powered by open banking

With the rise of open banking, Vive wanted to step into the new banking revolution with the branchless approach. For a bank to operate fully-digital, we enhanced the our Future-Ready Fintech Solutions Platform to work in a more customer-centric way, and leveraged waht open banking had to offer.


Top-tier security for e-banking

Vive holds higher standards of security and stability. As they believe in partnership, they want to set the highest standards of transparency, and establish long-standing relationships with their customers, built on mutual trust.

Selecting the right partner which will take them go-to-market quickly with reliability, efficiency and expertise on new technologies like open banking was key.

Why Tmob?

Why did Vive choose Tmob?

We had been serving many banks with our Future-Ready Fintech Solutions Platform for years, and on the mobility front, we had other services that pointed at a more integrated, mobile-centric future. For Vive, we gathered our team to take advantage of the latest PSD2 standards and created a more transparent online banking experience in a short time.


Our solutions

A transparent banking experience without branches wasn’t easy to build, but we managed to do it with our expertise.

Open banking based money manager
New way of accessing accounts.
Personal loans
Simple loan application capabilities.
Saving account
Better financial managment outcomes.
Web and mobile solutions
All digital platform experiences for the users.
Digital product design
Advanced user experience and user interface.
All advanced Open Banking security system.

A transparent open banking experienc

Customer security and transparency were the two main takeaways on our UX and UI design process of Vive. With a simplicstic approach, we created an end-to-end, transparent user experience that makes customers really invest in branchless banking.


A bank built in less than two years

Thanks to Vive’s branchless approach, they managed to launch their operations in less than two years, and Tmob’s Future-Ready Fintech Solutions Platform played a key role in the process.


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