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Vodafone Pay won Mobile Excellence Awards for Best Mobile Payment
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The Client & The Challenge

Vodafone, one of the globally-successful telecommunications companies that has a strong presence in Europe, Asia, and Middle East, first launched its operations in Turkey in 2006. With a global presence, the telco had a wide vision about the ways for a telecom company to grow in the post 2010s, and they first rang our bell in 2014 with a fresh idea for Vodafone Turkey: a mobile wallet payment solution 

The aim with the mobile financial solution was to introduce a new, modern payment method to Vodafone users and easily reach the unbanked and the underbanked in Turkey with an easy-to-use mobile wallet that lets users fly through checkouts and pay points and tills with just one tap.  

 In 2014, there were no other telecommunication companies or any other Turkey-based fintech solution in general that offered a mobile payment solution, which turned out to be both the biggest challenge and excitement point for Tmob, building a brand new product for Vodafone Turkey. After the success of Vodafone Wallet, the company rebranded their mobile payment service as Vodafone Pay, adding brand new features that meet the requirements of modern-day fintech applications. 


Why Did Vodafone Choose Tmob?

Vodafone says their biggest motivation behind working with Tmob for its mobile payment service was Tmob’s expertise on the field based on 200 seamlessly-working projects. The industry-leading brand also claims that their journey with Tmob was a standalone unique experience in terms of product road mapping, user experience & user flow, and product lifecycle management.

Vodafone Turkey and Tmob’s partnership has left seven years behind, and it is growing bigger. Today with Vodafone’s satisfaction with the Vodafone Pay project, our partnership is about to go aboard with six more European regions.


Why Vodafone Has Chosen a ready-made, Customizable MFS Platform?

Tmob MFS Platform is an innovative PaaS solution to increase customer loyalty, create new revenue streams and reach the underbanked and unbanked, specifically built for telcos and e-money licensed companies.

Thanks to the variety of features our MFS platform offers, we were able to launch the Vodafone Pay Project in an ambitious six months thanks to our platform’s flexible nature. Visit our MFS Platform page to discover more about the limitless possibilities of customization.



Our Solutions

Our tailor-made, customizable MFS platform offers every aspect of a modern-day fintech service; here are the top features that we implemented to Vodafone Pay.

P2P Top-Up Options

We have enabled our platform’s P2P top-up to utilize customers’ wallets to top up another person’s prepaid account for Vodafone Pay.

Vodafone Card

We have integrated Vodafone’s physical prepaid card, Vodafone Card, to work seamlessly with the Vodafone Pay application.

Mobile Money Transfer

One of the strongest features of Vodafone Pay against conventional banking systems is 24/7 money transfer between users, and our MFS platform lets users do it within seconds.

A Credit Card Hub

With its 2020 redesign, we have placed Vodafone Pay as more of a super-app, giving the customers the freedom to add virtual cards or other banks’ credit cards into the application for a more liberated and convenient experience.

User-Friendly Accounting

We customized Vodafone Pay with a user-friendly interface that lets users track their payment history from multiple accounts in the same application.

Campaigns & Personalized Notifications

One of the best features of Vodafone Pay on the brand front is enhanced customer data collection, and we have enabled personalized campaigns and offers to be sent as notifications for better user interaction.


Vodafone Pay supports the most popular contactless payment method a.k.a. NFC.


The Result

Vodafone made a breakthrough with our first MFS partnership, Vodafone Wallet as the first company to offer a mobile wallet to its customers, and the e-wallet application has been downloaded by 300.000 people across the country. The service and the application was awarded Mobile Excellence Awards-Best Retail/Commerce Solution for Mobile and Best Mobile Payment in 2014.  

The successor to Vodafone Wallet, Vodafone Pay, has been downloaded by over 250.000 people in less than five months, and users have made more than one million transitions over Tmob MFS Platform.  

 As of 2021, Vodafone Pay has been downloaded by over 250.000 people in less than 5 months and there were more than a million transitions passed over Tmob MFS Platform. Together, we have planted the first seeds of the mobile money revolution in the country, and our collaboration is now expanding to six more European countries. As a result, Vodafone loves Tmob, and our feelings are mutual.  

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“ I think it is extremely beneficial, our Turkish customers have started to see their mobile phone as a wallet. Do you know what does it mean? It’s a revolution and your revolution has transformed our wallet into a simple and highly secure mobile app! “


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