HCE WALLET – Living Innovation

Bank Of Georgia

JSC Bank of Georgia is the leading Georgian bank. It offers a broad range of retail banking, corporate banking and investment management services. As of 31 December 2015, Bank of Georgia served approximately 2 million client accounts through one of the largest distribution networks in Georgia, with 266 branches, the country’s largest ATM network, comprising 746 ATMs, 2,589 Express pay (self-service) terminals and a full-service remote banking platform and a modern call center.

The challenge

They wanted us to create HCE Wallet payment system to simplify transaction processes with the development of mobile technology. Host card emulation (HCE) is a technology that emulates a payment card on a mobile device using only software. This approach offers technical and business benefits to a wide range of mobile industry stakeholders that want to be active in the near field communication (NFC) payments ecosystem. It is a feature of the mobile operating system that allows for the secure element to be present outside the mobile device.

Although HCE is still a relatively new technology, Bank of Georgia wanted to integrate it into their mobile banking apps for various reasons. They trusted tmob to create this new infrastructure for their clients.

Our Solutions

With and highly experienced and skilled developer team, we started with exploring our client’s IT infrastructure that gives us some clues about the possible development strategies. After the research process we launched development adopting recent payment development methodologies used by prominent global banks.


The Result

Within first 6 months HCE Wallet system was used by 300.000 clients of Bank of Georgia. For the first time Georgian clients used this technology and started to carry out payments with their mobile phones.


300.000 clients within first 6 months


Customer Comments


Most used mobile payment system

  • Bank of Georgia went through a significant business transformation in terms of our mobile payment, with a huge emphasis towards the mobile channel.HCE wallet has been instrumental in helping us build simple mobile payment for Georgian clients.

    David Birman Chief Digital Officer