Revolutionizing mobile banking with an app


Halkbank was incorporated in 1933 under the Statute 2284 concerning Halkbank and People’s Funds, with the intention of transferring resources under favorable conditions to tradesmen, artisans and small business owners and triggering capital accumulation. The bank began offering services in 1938. Today, Halkbank serves its clients through nationwide branches, offices, special transaction offices and with foreign representatives.

The challenge

They wanted us to create new solutions to keep up with the constantly changing customer profile with the rapid developments in information technology. Their ultimate goal was to change their image and adapt to new mobile banking ecosystem in order to be present each channel used by their customers. For this reason, radical improvements in their mobile banking structures and strategies became a must to satisfy their highly demanding customers.

Our Solutions

According to customer profile we created new and robust, native mobile banking applications that exactly meet the needs of the customers and Halkbank.

With 10 years of experience in creating mobile solutions for different industries, we have focalized on customers’ user experience to facilitate their journeys and to accelerate their banking operations such as money transferring, EFT, mobile payment etc. In each step we put the customers and their expectations at the center of our project.

We integrated new features such as credit applications, financial tools, password change and SMS banking to the updated version.



The Result

Within six month of launching, the app has been downloaded by 300.000 Halkbank customers. It was one of the “most downloaded apps”, in Google Play and App Store. With the lunch of the new application, mobile became one of the most used channels of the Bank, 30% of customers carried out their transaction through their mobile connected devices. This app is also “Stevie Awards “candidate for the best integrated mobile experience award.




Customer Comments


Most downloaded app

  • We revolutionized the mobile banking in our country and got ahead of our rivals in a short time! Our success has been driven by your passion for creating new mobile solutions.

    Öngen AkınChannel Director, HalkBank