Cloud-based Digital Experience Platforms

Tmob is committed to helping high-scale enterprises to accelerate growth in a sustainable way. All platforms we develop are cloud-based, scalable and compatible across multiple devices.

Digital Product Development

We build cutting-edge and agile digital platforms that empower our customers to keep pace with changing consumer behaviour across different markets. In this context, we transform the product idea to the product vision by proper documentation and dividing the development process into different phases. Whenever a brand new platform starts, our digital product development team reorganizes itself for an agile development process that completes more tasks in a certain period of time. In this way, we proceed in accordance with the schedule and ensure that our customers make project launches on time.

Multichannel Platform Development

Tmob believes the integrity among the different channels in a mobilizing world. To achieve this vision, we make multichannel platforms that enable the same experience across multiple devices, including mobile phones, desktop, IoT devices, smart screens and so on. For a seamless experience, we test our products in hundreds of combinations on the different types of devices. It gives our customers the flexibility to manage their daily operations in different environments in a synchronous manner.

Fintech Solutions

Similar to any other sector, the finance industry is evolving in a digital manner. From digital banking to e-money, payment services and licenser solutions; all the ecosystem is in the middle of the digital revolution. To make a fintech product that complies with the regulations and the laws by various countries and institutions; enterprises should structure their product strategy with a right partner without having any trouble in terms of compliance. Tmob is the reliable solution partner that passed 10 years of experience in fintech industry with various projects in digital banking, e-money and payment services cooperating with global partners.