Customer Engagement

It’s no longer enough to provide a state-of-the-art shopping app to achieve high rates of user adoption. To get into the minds and hearts of your customers, stay in close touch and personalize their mobile experiences via push notifications and pop-ups.


Push Notifications and Pop-ups

Engage mobile app users by sending pop-ups, one-to-many or targeted push notifications with highly personalized offers, incentives and campaigns.

iOS Interactive Push

Interact with mobile shoppers at a deeper level by sending them push notifications with up to (two defined actions), allowing them to respond on the screen without unlocking their phones.

Android Image Push

Send images in push notifications to better communicate your campaigns or messages to mobile shoppers.

Action Push Notifications

Define custom actions to direct your push notifications to predetermined screens.

Partial Push Notifications Delivery

Deploy your push campaigns in multiple phases to ensure faster delivery to your mobile audiences, avoiding server overload.

Gift Checks

Send discount codes to select customers which they can use during check-out.


Pull your customers into your app whenever they search an item by linking each product on your e-commerce website to your mobile app directly.


Schedule your push notifications and pop-up campaigns by assigning start and end dates for your campaigns and times for deployment.

User Groups

Define user groups and rules to easily manage push notifications based on usage information (total time in app, average time in app, install app etc.).

Segmentation & Tagging

Send highly personalized push notifications and pop-ups based on your customers’ demographic and behavioral data.


Create rules to trigger push notifications and popup campaigns to mobile shoppers if all predefined conditions are met.

Beacon Integration

Integrate your in-store beacons with your mobile commerce app to send pop-up or push campaigns as soon as your shoppers enter your store.


View a graphical distribution of number of pop-up and push notifications sent, notifications opened, pop-ups shown on Android and iOS, usage time, active users, new users and easily filter by mobile device type. Export for push notifications, view session length distribution to measure the time spent inside the app after the push is received, providing insight on how well your push notifications performed.


Geofencing enables businesses to define a specified location of interest to create an action area to interact with the customers through services such as push notifications and pop-ups.

Customer Feedback

Access your customers’ opinion and improve their shopping experience through the “Rate Now” button.