We need timesavers and security in our busy schedule. No secrets here. So we simplify daily financial transactions through mobile wallets and payment solutions. Similar to everything else in the world, money is digitalizing. We want to be concerned less about keeping our multiple credit cards safe, and want the freedom to leave our homes without a luggage, per say. While saving your customers from the burden of carrying numerous cards and cash, a mobile wallet will also save them time on their daily business challenges.

Faster time to transaction is mutually beneficial for you as the business owner and your customer, facilitating the process of purchase overall. Tmob’s mobile payments technologies can meet your needs as a payment channel, or a mobile banking application. At tmob, we invest and believe in technologies that simplify and improve business and consumer challenges. Mobile payments is a necessity for better interactions. Our customers Vodafone and Mastercard have been first movers and visionaries to see the promising future of mobile money technologies.

Our digital money solutions.



tmob’s feature-rich mobile mfs platform delivers an end-to-end financial services solution.



Powered by MasterCard and tmob HCE Wallet is a customizable white-label wallet solution.



Through m-banking, deliver better customer experiences in pocket size.

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