Go mobile, go further with MAGMA

We are living in a mobile era: the mobile adoption is constantly and rapidly growing with more users each day coming. In this fast-paced environment almost 50% of e-commerce traffic comes from mobile devices, therefore it’s very clear that adopting “mobile-first” mindset is a must. It’s no secret that businesses need to offer more features, functionality, and accessibility via mobile devices. As a mobile technology company we have been collaborating with many partners to cover their business needs with sophisticated solutions. Years of experience and expertise has led us to creating a fully customizable mobility framework in accordance with genuine feedbacks from our partners. Since, it’s a core technology to construct and develop an m-commerce app we called it Magma.

Magma stands out among its kind with flexible and extensive features such as spontaneous info pages (Joker Pages), Test Automation System, strong analytic tools enabling analyzing & monitoring app performance and engagement efforts, product campaigns, well-supported basket structure and more.

Why is it so strong?

The flexible base foundation presents limitless customization options to set up a sophisticated cross-platform m-commerce app to deliver business needs and expectations. Magma is a strong framework enables your business to establish presence on a solid infrastructure with effective and highly designed features. Once the building process is done, Magma runs well-developed test cases on 100+ devices on iOS and Android platforms to make sure the app works perfectly before it’s published on App Store and Google Play.


This is how Magma works;

how magma works mob

There are many perks of adopting a mobile app for businesses including loyalty, performance, rich customer experience and availability with versatile infrastructure of Magma.


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