How Airline Applications Make Customer Life Easier

As part of a multichannel digital platform, apps have helped to revolutionize the airline industry and vastly improve the customer experience. Airlines are constantly working out how to improve the usability of their mobile app. It not only helps the customer but also makes life easier for the airline.

Before the flight

The ability to check-in before your flight has helped customers save a lot of time at the airport and cut down on waiting times. This is especially for short-haul flights where you don’t have to check in any baggage.

Receiving your boarding pass on your phone has also made life easier. You don’t have to worry about printing and will also have your pass with you at all times. Little perks such as being able to select your seat are also very useful and an app can also keep you updated on any changes to flight information.

On the flight

Trying to get food and drink on some flights can be very difficult. You have to wait for the stewards to get through the aisle with the cart and they may not even have what you want. Some apps will solve this problem by giving you the opportunity to order your meals, drinks and snacks before you get on the flight. This will mean that you don’t have to worry about ordering and will get precisely what you want.

If you need a connecting flight then you will often worry about getting to the right gate on time. A highly capable app will be able to give you accurate gate information while also acting as a wayfinder to stop you from getting lost.

After the flight

If you’re using the flight for a vacation then you will need to have transfer sorted and a hotel to get to. An integrated app will be able to easily access everything that you need to be able to complete your trip.

As well as the likes of transport and accommodation, this feature could also be used to show you where you can find places to eat and sightseeing spots, etc. The airline can use its partnerships to get their customers the best deals.

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