We all know by now that digitalization has put our world on a new and exciting path. A path that only the forward-thinking organisations will be able to keep up with. The ever-accelerating times may sometimes make humankind feel overwhelmed, but in general, it’s giving us many liberties. The same rules apply to the business world as well, but the consequences can be a lot more devastating. In order to keep pace with the fast-moving digital world, almost every industry is jumping into the cold waters of digital transformation without due preparation. You can imagine how things turn out for them. But still, since we are talking about agility, there are some exits from bad decisions with minimal damage, and we are here to help in every way possible. In this article, we are going to focus on the airline industry and how the industry can boost its digital opportunities.

If you are reading this article, your company probably already has a digital platform, and you may be thinking about why it’s not working the way you had imagined. Of course, there are many answers to that question, but speaking from our own experience, our best guess would be that you have a disorganized digital approach that doesn’t communicate itself effectively. If you’ve taken on the digital path, you have to go all-in. According to 2019 research by Frost & Sullivan, digital transformation programs in the airline industry could generate an incremental value of $5-$10 for every passenger, annually.

As you know, we live in an age where data is more valuable than ever, and there is no better way to collect data on your passenger profile other than a unified digital platform. According to the 2019 report by SITA, 83% of the airline and airport IT leaders believe that the demographic shift from a pre-digital to a post-digital age will have the most significant impact on passenger solutions by 2025. And what’s more, data collection on demographics is only the byproduct of a unified digital platform, so it’s unbelievably cost-effective. Here are all the ways using a unified airline module will level up your business today:

The new way of gaining revenue: Ancillary sales

The competition in air travel is always following a rising trend, and according to predictions, it will stay this way. The biggest companies in the industry can offer their passengers more affordable seats without losing too much, and the only way of fighting back for others is to do the same: bringing down the ticket prices while gaining revenue from somewhere else. According to Business Traveler, more than 10% of airline incomes came from non-ticket sales in 2018. And according to Statista’s graphic, the share of ancillary sales in airline revenue will only rise.


With a digital platform that offers ancillary options in the process of booking a flight, the process becomes more comfortable for the passenger. In the end, the airlines have a new way of gaining revenue while offering their passengers a better booking and flight experience. In short; it’s a win-win for both sides. With Ubimecs Airline Module, you don’t have to worry about integrating ancillary sales into your booking services; we’ve got it covered.

A must-have in 2020: Personalisation

We’ve talked about the importance of knowing what your passengers like. According to Gartner, airline companies that offer personalized offers to their passengers have seen a 15% increase in their revenue. It may seem challenging to gather all of the data that creates automated personal offers to your passengers, but with today’s technology and our expertise, it’s more manageable and more affordable than you think. We offer our partners an all-in airline module that considers all of your passengers individually and gives them personalised offers.

A seamless customer experience

Buying a plane ticket online might have been convenient for the passengers when the option had first launched, but with today’s incredibly fast digitalized world, it’s a dull process. With the right approach, airlines can offer their passengers a five times faster online booking experience, and in the long run, that matters a lot. We are already aware of the fact that business travelers are the majority of passengers who use and love loyalty programs. And as much as they like their free miles, they love the swiftness of their booking experience too. With our unified airline module, you can offer your passenger all-in-one: a fast booking experience including loyalty programs and personalised customer practice.

Our platform also offers the “cool” features that the passengers enjoy. For instance, your passengers can track their baggage from their smartphones, use Siri and Google Assistant to command the apps, pick their meals and in-flight entertainment beforehand, and even reach your app from their smartwatches. In short, whatever that comes to your mind when you think about the word “unified,” you can find it in the Ubimecs Airline Module.

Don’t forget to use the insight for further strategies!

Since our airline commerce module is as unified as it gets, it can give you detailed reports and analysis with the integrated analytics tools. You can gather data about the visitor behaviours on your website and view customer profiles based on their choices. If desired, you can also integrate our analysis tools with third-party APIs to expand your limits.

There may be something else on your mind about boosting the digital opportunities for your company, and we’re here to help. To see more on what you can do with Ubimecs Airline Module, visit our page and to book a meeting, you can fill the form here.

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