How to Increase Conversion and Revenue in the Airline Industry

The transition from desktop environments to mobile devices is continuing at speed among internet users. This is a shift that is affecting all industries, and air travel has felt the impact significantly. A large amount of the modern airline’s revenue comes from mobile platforms, as travellers use their mobile devices to research flights and itineraries, manage bookings, purchase tickets, give feedback and more. This shift to mobile gives airlines an opportunity to drive sizeable gains in customer conversion rates and revenue by improving passenger experience, pursuing ancillary revenues and making their business stand out from the competition.

Optimising for the mobile environment

It is important for airlines to ensure that their mobile app works perfectly on all mobile devices. The modern customer demands intuitive structure, fast loading times and content that is easy to consume on a mobile device. You must go all out to optimise both your website and mobile app for mobile customers if you want to enjoy the improvements to sales, conversion rates and customer loyalty.

One of the keys to delivering this is to have a highly customised mobile platform. This will enable you to drive both core and ancillary revenues. You need to understand the demands of your target consumer to offer features like easy flight booking with pre-populated fields that use personal data from the device, such as home, airport, passenger information and payment details. You can even harness your mobile app to enable travellers to make in-flight purchases.

The power of your mobile app can allow enhanced personalisation for your customers. This can mean things like using passenger information to provide custom services and messages, keeping travel preferences on file and creating marketing communications that speak to an individual’s needs. This requires an omnichannel approach so that you can track behaviours from platform to platform.

Innovation in the airline industry

There are already various airlines that lead the way in their mobile platforms. Some airlines have deployed vast numbers of beacons at airports to help direct passengers to their gates from the moment they arrive at the airport. The same apps can be used to select seats, check-in and purchase extra services like additional baggage allowance. Some also use their mobile platforms to market special offers from partners, or to offer important updates and information for customers when they reach the airport.

Mobile traffic is far along the road to eclipsing desktop traffic in the airline industry, and any business that has yet to make a move into the mobile market is at risk of falling behind. Users are adopting their mobile devices for more things every single day, and airlines need to stay ahead of the game if they want to stay in the competition. A customised mobile platform that delivers all the features your customers demand is a powerful way to increase conversion and drive revenue. Quality is everything, so don’t settle for a simplistic, half-baked app – your customers are discerning, and your competition is doing more than just the basics.

Straight from the editor's desk