The Advantages of Multi-Brand Partnerships in Express eCommerce

16 December 2020
5 min read

Just as the industry was on the verge of adopting the online approach to commerce, a new trend has risen and it’s spreading like a tsunami! Yes, we are talking about express order or last-mile delivery.

Offering customers delivery options under two hours apparently has a bigger impact than the experts had anticipated. The whole industry had been expecting a shift towards faster delivery models, but the pandemic accelerated everything at a surprising pace.

Even before the pandemic, consumers had made bold moves like switching their grocers based on their delivery services. Expectedly, the faster the service was, the more popular they were. Capgemini’s late 2018 research gives us valuable data on consumer behaviour.


The post-COVID-19 world will be even more dependent on fast delivery services. That is why every business is trying its best to adopt the new system, and some of them have great solutions. In this article, we are going to be focusing on same-industry partnerships that open up a new area for competition.

Collaborations are Essential for Fast Adoption, Even With Your Competitors!

One of the biggest challenges for businesses new to express delivery is warehouse space and location. In order to offer super-fast delivery, brands are obliged to have warehouses in almost every neighbourhood, which is nearly impossible in many industries. Grocery stores and some lucky retailers manage to cope with the warehouse problem painlessly, thanks to their stores. However, start-ups, niche industries and small companies need to think outside the box.

Building partnerships for warehouses and hubs seem to be the most reasonable answer for now. Of course, collaborating with a business in another industry who is also establishing last-mile delivery may be a better choice for some, but same-industry partnerships somehow work better. Good competition comes with great outcomes. Why not create it yourself? Here are some of the top reasons why multi-branded express delivery applications work.

More Products on the Same App Attract More People

Consumer behaviour may vary between generation, income group, gender, and location. However, if there is one thing that every customer profile loves it is a broad product range. Being on the same application with your biggest rival may seem terrifying at first, but there is no doubt that it will attract more people. You can think of it as a modernised version of a shopping mall; similar brands are located in the same place, which is a win-win-win for the mall, the brands, and the customers.

Broader Reach With a Lower Budget

Many brands have only one or two stores in major cities, which makes it nearly impossible for them to take part in the last-mile delivery trend. Building warehouses that focus specifically on express delivery is the best solution to this problem, but for many businesses this model has more cons than pros. Additionally, warehouses are not the only things that drain the budgets of small and medium companies. New stores and warehouses also necessitate new employees. With collaborations, brands can save more than 50% on logistics, storage, and crew, while widening their reach.

The New Trend: 24-Hour Delivery

While it seems excessive to be open for business 24/7, partnerships make it possible. Drugstore, grocery, maintenance, and liquor brands have particularly been seeing a rise in customer demand for 24-hour delivery. Again, partnerships seem to be the most reasonable and budget-friendly way to build an express delivery service that works 24/7. Of course, businesses need to take everything into consideration before stepping into risky territory, but the winners of these modern times are big risk-takers. Thankfully, today’s data analysis technology allows companies to get a perfect sense of what their customers need.

In the end, everything comes down to what your customers demand, and testing their demands in pilot locations with strong data analysis tools is a more feasible approach for any business. With readymade and fully-customisable platforms like ours, you can begin your express journey without worrying about building a high-functioning application, with or without a business partner.

Here is What You Get With Our Last Mile e-Commerce Platform

At Ubimecs, we have been working on omnichannel applications and platforms for retailers for more than a decade. This year, we have built the platform of the future: an express e-commerce platform. We have used our vast knowledge of the e-commerce area, adding new and modern features that will meet the demands of today’s customers and businesses. Here are the top features of our express e-commerce module:

Data Comes First

All of our platforms have tools that can analyse customer behaviour. On our platform’s administration panel, you can get weekly reports that show location, age, gender, and income-based customer profiles and their shopping patterns. With such strong data analysis capabilities, our platform can create personalised offers for each customer group to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction scores.

Inventory management

Since the whole process happens on our platform, you don’t have to worry about using another service to manage your inventory. Ubimecs Express E-Commerce Platform tracks the inventory of each store and warehouse and notifies the right people about what needs to be done. In short, the platform offers a unified experience for both your customers and your brand.

Payment management

Money management applications are another expertise of our team, and while building our e-commerce platforms, we have implemented everything that modern-age businesses and customers need. With our platform, you can offer multiple payment options to your shoppers.

To learn more about our express e-commerce platform, visit our page.

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