The Rapid Grocery Delivery Craze is Coming to Europe, and Everybody is Welcome to Join!

15 June 2021
5 min read

The visionaries of the FMCG industry had had many projections for the future of retail: cashierless stores, drone deliveries, experience-themed stores, and more. Well, until a virus changed the whole system for everyone, and made the rapid online grocery delivery model the most reasonable way to go. Although it seems challenging to build an on-demand delivery operation from scratch, the boom in the area is showing us innovative ways to join the game, and speaking as an experienced software company, we know that anybody can join the game without any trouble on the software side.

Getir has changed the grocery scene in the UK, the next stop is Europe and Asia 

Although it entered the UK market recently, Getir has been active in its homeland Turkey for more than five years, and we are proud to say that Thinksmobility experts were a part of the developing team of the successful delivery app. After Getir began its operation in London, online grocery delivery sales have more than doubled in the country only under three months! Of course, Getir was not the only one to set the new trend in the country, but app store downloads show us that it was the pioneer of this rapid change. 

As Getir’s success grows in the UK, the company has stolen the spotlight in the investors’ eyes, and a couple of weeks ago, Getir raised 254 million euros, opening the path to major European cities for the app. Getir co-founder and CEO Nazım Salur shared his thoughts with the following:  

“We began in 2015 with the vision to disrupt how people get their groceries. Every month, we deliver a variety of 1,500 products to millions of people in Turkey in an average of 10 minutes. Thanks to the interest in our groundbreaking business model, we had the opportunity to finalize a Series C round only two months after our Series B. We have now raised $300mn and will use the investment for our ambitious European expansion. We are glad to announce that we have become the fastest Turkish unicorn.”

Getir co-founder Nazım Salur has always been outspoken about Getir’s international plans, and according to Salur, the next stop for the app is Germany, France, and the Netherlands. The company plans to expand its operation to Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam within six months, and like in the UK, Getir is not the only one eyeing the European territory.  

According to Menabytes, Berlin-based Gorillas and Flink, UK-based Dija and Weezy, and France’s Cajoo are also ready to compete, and one of the newcomers, Gorillas has already raised 280 million euros before Getir’s round. 

Ways to Take Part In the Express Delivery Boom  

Under 20-minutes delivery was always appealing for both retailers and the customers, but building a solid operation has always been a challenge. Here at Tmob, we believe that the future is going to be faster than today, and we are working hard to develop our online grocery delivery platforms with the needs of future generations. On the software front, we can provide anyone who wants to join the express grocery delivery scene with the latest technology, and we tried to explain why it makes total sense to outsource technology in such operations in our previous blog post. Still, there are two more steps to consider before stepping in logistics and storage.

Tips to Overcome the Logistics and Storage Problems 

Being able to deliver under such a short time requires service providers to open warehouses nearly in every neighborhood, and for many, that costs more than they can afford, even in the long run. Still, there are many business models that seem promising, at least until things get on track. One of the rising trends in the rapid grocery arena is warehouse partnerships. Even though it seems challenging to operate, a solid platform can help you track your business. See how you can take advantage of warehouse & brand partnerships while developing an express delivery business on our previous blog post. Another essential element to make a young business profitable is growing toward the right direction, and that means knowing your customers. Analyzing what customers want with clear insights unlock the next chapter for your business. With the customer data, you can know what your customers prefer to purchase based on location, age, gender, and estimated income groups.

Join the Future of Grocery Retail with Tmob 

Nobody knows for sure what the future holds for after the pandemic, but in a pandemic world, express grocery delivery was the most convenient way to shop for customers, and experts don’t think there is turning back from the convenience of under 10-minute deliveries. If we need to focus on Getir’s case, the start-up had had a steady growth in its homeland, Turkey, even before the pandemic, since it has been active in the country for more than five years. Considering this, we can safely assume that the future for grocery shopping is going to be remote and quicker than ever, and we can help you join the game with our highly customizable Express E-Commerce Platform. See what you can do with our platform here or book a meeting with a Tmob expert to explore how we can help you.





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