Can Retailers Manage Without Being on the Online Market? Here Are the Projections for Retailers

24 May 2021
5 min read

As the last standing industry of the conventional world, grocery services have found themselves in an immense stream of transformation this year. With people staying in their houses, the online grocery demand for supermarkets has skyrocketed, forcing almost every business, big or small, to find a way to build a delivery system.

online grocery market spending

Source: BigCommerce

Looking at the chart by BigCommerce, you can have a clearer picture of the impact of COVID-19 on online grocery orders. While we see a slight increase in e-commerce in general, there has been a boom in the grocery front with the pandemic. Even though things have begun going back to normal, studies on the state of the grocery industry reveal that people who had never considered buying their groceries online have now accepted the idea. The transformation has happened so quickly that serious players are now adopting last-mile delivery systems, which we think is essential for grocers to survive in the future. To aid the adaptation, we have designed an express e-commerce platform using our knowledge of the grocery front. Yes, last-mile delivery is the most profitable business model for some, but it exceeds the budgets of the majority of medium- and small-sized businesses. In this article, we are going to be focusing on the core element of survival in a digitized world: basic e-commerce and delivery adoption for grocers. If you are worried about keeping up with the adaptation, we may have the most suitable solutions for your business!

There is no future for grocers without an online grocery model

The pandemic has shown how impossible it is to survive following the conventional methods for grocers, and the projections all agree on the direction of the post-COVID world: the online grocery model is not going anywhere. According to Supermarket News, online grocery will swell to 21.5% of total U.S. grocery sales by 2025, and with the younger generations becoming the main consumers, the demand for online grocery is only going to increase.

When you think about it, there are no reasonable grounds for retailers to stay offline. The first reason that comes to mind is, of course, solving the logistics. However, surveys show us that even the smallest factors are holding businesses back from going online, and one of them is selling products by weight. Grocers say that problems occur when they try selling products by quantity and weight on the same platform; most platforms can’t handle the task.

Ubimecs Q-Commerce Module can handle everything a retailer needs!

Since one of our biggest clients in the grocery industry is CarrefourSA, one of Turkey’s top supermarket chains, we have solved the problem of basket calculation by weight and quantity a long time ago. With the Ubimecs Q-Commerce Module, you don’t have to make any additions to the application to offer your customers and employees a smoother online retail experience. The module was built to work flawlessly start-to-finish, and the best part is, we are constantly making new additions, taking into consideration the needs of the modern customer.

With ready-made and highly customizable modules like ours, your business can adapt to the new age for an incredibly low price. Here are the top features of our Ubimecs Q-Commerce Module:

You can set it up quickly

Our team of experts can customize and set up our Ubimecs Q-Commerce Module for the needs of any business instantly. The best thing is, once you start using our module, it can be updated without requiring your customers to download new updates. In short, it is fast, both for you and your customers.

Get ready for big data

Every module and platform we design is built on data analysis. With the integrated data tools in our Ubimecs Q-Commerce module, you can have a sharp image of your customer profiles and take action according to their demands. In time, your platform’s AI will get to know your customers and create personalized offers as well.

Be available on every channel

We know the importance of a multi-channel experience in the digital age, so we create our modules to work seamlessly on every channel. With Ubimecs Q-Commerce Module, you can have a fully functioning website that works flawlessly on desktop, tablet, or mobile, and iOS & Android applications. The best part is that your customers can fill their baskets in one platform and check out in another; it all operates on the same database.

Multiple deliveries and payment options

In a world where another new payment method emerges every other day, being adaptive is essential for retailers. Since we also work with fintech companies and banks, we are fully aware of the importance of offering customers multiple payment options. On our platform, your customers can make payments with the majority of methods. Also, they can choose how they want their orders to be delivered; picking them up from a store or having them delivered.

Build an online presence now!

As you can see, it is easier than ever for grocers to get into the online game. With little effort and budget, you can build your new favorite operation, which will become your main profit generator in the near future. To learn more about our Ubimecs                  Q-Commerce module, you can visit our page.

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