Why Retail Stores Should Outsource Technology While Adopting the Digital Revolution

19 April 2021
5 min read

It’s 2021 and we can safely say that retail as we know has come to an end. Online retail had always been predicted to take conventional retail’s crown, but the pandemic has accelerated the transformation at an unexpectedly fast pace. In the last six months of 2020, e-commerce grew at incredible rates, especially in Europe and the US, as many retailers began finding new ways to meet customer demand. First, outsource technology while adopting the digital revolution.

Year-on-year growth in weekly online orders in the retail industry during the Coronavirus pandemic in Europe in 2020

Expectedly, the big players took the biggest slices from the cake. For SMEs, the biggest challenge is in building a seamless, working online operation. But the picture is not entirely hopeless for SMEs in retail. As demand creates supply, many services offering tech support to businesses have emerged, making the whole digital process more convenient for retailers of all sizes. For example, one of our clients, Mowico, was a great rescue during the pandemic, offering SMEs an easy-to-use mobile platform. The company has now reached more than 300 customers from 11 countries in only two years.

Outsourcing technology in retail has many advantages for small and medium-sized retailers, but in times that demand quick action, it saves a lot of time and money for big players as well. In this article, we are going to share the advantages of outsourcing technology for retailers, whether they are billion-dollar companies or SMEs.

Outsourcing Technology Makes Businesses More Agile

Building a website that simply lists a retailer’s product portfolio is easy, and more or less every business manages to do it quickly. However, a website alone lacks many of the elements that are necessary to keep up with the needs of modern times. Today’s customer wants a service to work everywhere with the same performance, and developing an all-in-one retail platform takes an incomparably longer time than building a simple website. This is where outsourcing the technology for a unified retail experience comes in and solves the problem in weeks. Here at Tmob, we have a standalone team that have been working on developing digital retail solutions for years. Our two main products in the area, the Ubimecs Q-Commerce platform and the express e-commerce platform, have come to the rescue of many businesses that were on the verge of a digital transformation. With our readymade and highly customizable platforms, businesses can have a seamlessly working e-commerce platform that supports the whole shopping process.

Data Analysis is Essential for Retail, and Outsourcing Helps a Lot

Data collection and analysis become more and more essential for any kind of business every day. Loyalty programs, personalization, and developing future strategies all rely on data analysis, and everybody knows that building a healthy data analysis operation is the most challenging part of developing a digital platform.

Outsourcing the technology for a platform that includes an analytics panel solves this problem altogether. For example, our e-commerce platform includes an analytics panel that supports brands in creating various customer groups powered by customer data, including their age, gender, and even shopping preferences. In a world where loyalty programs are always evolving and generating more revenue for businesses, keeping up with the latest loyalty tricks is undoubtedly essential. According to Accenture, customers who belong to loyalty programs generate between 12 and 18% more incremental revenue growth per year than those who do not participate.

The powerful data tool that Tmob E-Commerce and Express E-Commerce Platforms provides lets brands create personalized offers that speak to the right customer, build an effective loyalty program, and gain useful insights on which way to grow in the future.

Outsourcing Technology Lets You Keep Up with the Trends

Like everything else on the planet, retail is changing form rapidly, and the new target consumer groups, millennials and Gen Z, prefer things to be fresh and more convenient. The challenge of keeping up with the latest trends may be the main reason you are reading this, but outsourcing technology can save you the trouble. At Thinksmobility, we have been working with industry-leading FMCG giants like CarrefourSA for years, and with our double-sided feedback, we always manage to keep our retail platforms up to date. On the other hand, we are aware of the age of speed that we are currently experiencing. Considering this, we have developed a unified express e-commerce module that lets start-ups and retailers step into the last-mile game with total convenience.

Offer Your Customers a Unified Shopping Experience with Tmob!

We have mentioned that the customer in the modern age demands a digital experience with no interruption. This digital shopping process may begin on a web browser and end on a mobile application. Although it may seem pretty easy, a seamless digital experience is extremely difficult to develop. Here at Tmob, a “unified experience” is one of our main mottos. Let’s begin tailoring our platform to the needs of your business and save you the trouble; we can make sure that we have all the answers you need.

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