How 5G Will Change Our Lives?

11 November 2019
3 min read

It’s astonishing to think, but mobile internet technology has been around for over two decades now. Granted, its mainstream applications didn’t really come into play until the advent of 3G in 2005, when consumers could finally access emails, browse the web and communicate via the internet at reasonable speeds.

Of course, technology rarely stays still, and nowadays we can enjoy mobile video streaming, watch real-time sports on the move and communicate via video calls while commuting – provided we’re in range of a quality 4G signal, that is.

But what about the latest advances being unveiled live and at present across our increasingly mobilised, digitised world? Will 5G completely transform our lives? Undoubtedly, yes.

What Is 5G?

5G, or fifth-gen cellular wireless, is the newest form of mobile connectivity. It is the fastest, most reliable form of mobile internet, and offers users much lower response times and much greater capacity.

It provides much more than a simple increase in performance, however. Superfast 5G broadband will effectively deliver a first-class internet service without the need for landlines – and much, much more – via the Internet of Things.

How Will 5G Change Our Lives?

The speed in which 5G allows devices to communicate with each other will have plenty of real-world applications – many of which were previously unimaginable. Driverless cars will be able to communicate intelligently, doctors will be able to care remotely for their patients via telemedicine, augmented reality will change everything from the architectural industry to computer gaming, and our “smart homes” will be controllable from anywhere in the world. This means everything from changing the heating to checking the fridge before placing an order for groceries will be possible during a break from work or a commute back home.

Global barriers will begin to break down, too. With instant language translation apps powered by 5G connectivity, it will be possible for travellers to converse without having to learn local dialects – and this will certainly also have an impact on the way we conduct business around the world.

Are There Any Downsides?

It’s hard to find issue with such transformative technology. While some outlandish conspiracy theorists seem convinced that the 5G rollout is set to create a new breed of mobile phone zombies, the fact is that this new communication standard is going to transform our world for the better. From improvements in how we converse to healthcare applications and beyond, 5G looks set to be an overwhelmingly positive addition to our society.

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