3 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Special

19 December 2019
3 min read

3 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Special – Some companies really roll out the red carpet for their most high-value customers. It would be great to be able to offer this kind of service for every customer, but we don’t all have unlimited resources. That doesn’t mean you don’t value your mobile app customers, however, and you certainly can’t afford to just ignore them. Personal, 1:1 interactions with customers are great, but there are plenty of other ways to give your app a high-touch feel to make customers feel special. Here are 3 practical ways you can show them how much you value them.

1. Use targeted messaging

Messages always feel personal. Even when they are automated, they can be made to feel personal enough to engage the back-and-forth conversation we all love. A great way to tap into this is through technology like live chat tools. Customers like this kind of interaction, and when you message through an app you have a scalable solution that can engage a large number of customers.

Unlike emails or ticketing support solutions, a good messaging strategy engages your customers’ conversational impulse. The quick responses, as opposed to waiting an indefinite amount of time, increase the conversational feel and make customers feel more like their needs are being considered, thus increasing their loyalty to you.

2. Listen to feedback

When customers give you feedback, whether through product reviews, social media messages or even complaints, they are giving you an excellent opportunity to get a shrewd idea of what they need. Whether good or bad, your customers go to some trouble to give you feedback, and you should acknowledge this by responding to what they say. This starts by merely acknowledging their words in a reply, thanking them for their feedback and, if necessary, offering to help with any issues they have encountered.

You must then make any necessary updates to your product, where possible, so that it delivers better on your customers’ demands. It can also be helpful to let them know if you are launching a new product or service that might be of interest them – this can boost your own sales and make customers feel valued as it shows you listen to their needs.

3. Make special offers

Sales and other special offers are an age-old marketing technique for retail and other B2C businesses. You can take this a step further through your mobile app by making personalised offers to individuals. By tracking the behaviour of different customers who use your app, you can get an idea of the types of things they like. This enables you to make unique offers on certain items that are specifically for that customer. This way, they feel their individual needs are being acknowledged, and they are getting things they want at a discounted rate – a perfect recipe for increased customer loyalty.

There are more tools than ever before in mobile app technology to help make customers feel valued. However, this doesn’t mean that certain tried-and-trusted methods aren’t still powerful as well. Look for opportunities to make customers feel special along their journey, and you increase the likelihood of them becoming loyal to you for the long term.

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