Express Order Delivery is Changing the E-Commerce Industry – Here’s How

06 October 2020
5 min read

ASAP is one of the most used acronyms of the post-digital revolution age. Thanks to the internet, our ability to reach almost everything is faster than ever, and of course, the pace of our lives is only going to accelerate. Try remembering your everyday routine from ten years ago, and you’ll realise that you had to put more effort into even the most basic procedures in your lives.

The ever-accelerating pace of everyday human life is undoubtedly changing the patterns of our lives, but more importantly, it’s transforming billion-dollar industries as well. For the big and experienced companies who don’t act fast enough, the future seems bleak. Instead of the decades-old companies who have built industries from scratch, it is the newcomers who are taking the big bite from the new-age cake. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has seen a dramatic rise in online shopping. According to the research by Common Thread, the e-commerce industry has risen by 52.2% and when we focus on medical and household needs, the numbers are even more extreme.

Yes, the future is online, and the consumer of today doesn’t want to wait days for their orders to be delivered. Even the fast delivery services like Amazon Prime are not enough to fulfill the needs of the new age “fast consumers.” Earlier this year, we’ve seen one of the boldest moves from Walmart with a 2-hour express delivery, and the industry began following the trend by offering new and more approachable delivery methods for the convenience of their consumers. The reason is apparent; in a world where Walmart’s pricey express delivery service has turned out to be unexpectedly profitable, there is no reason for more approachable and wallet-friendly ways of express delivery to win the game. During the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, 10 percent of the store’s shoppers stated that they tried grocery delivery for the first time. When you think about Walmart’s massive consumer profile, that’s a lot.

As we have stated above, The COVID-19 pandemic has not only accelerated the consumer shift to online but also added the need for a new element to the experience: fast delivery options. When you think about ultra-fast delivery options, things may seem complicated and challenging to build from scratch. Thankfully, we have the most fitting readymade solutions. The better news is that the express delivery market is more profitable than many think. In this article, we are going to share some insight into how the change in the shopping patterns in the e-commerce industry is affecting big companies, and how companies can adapt to the new normal whilst increasing their revenue.

The demand for fast order delivery is there

According to the COVID-19 survey by CommerceHub, 65% of US citizens will prefer home delivery until the pandemic situation improves More interestingly, 68% of the consumers said that they were likely to subscribe to a grocery delivery service following the crisis. So yes, it is safe to say that the shift to online grocery shopping has already happened, and the next step is “fast order delivery.” According to the research by Gartner, 68% of online grocery consumers want a fast delivery option. Even better, fast order delivery increases customer satisfaction by 18%.

Express order delivery can be more profitable than you think

According to Statista’s e-commerce report on Turkey, platforms that offer an express order delivery option earn 11$ more than conventional e-commerce platforms. Unfortunately, setting up an express delivery system is extremely challenging, especially when you think about couriers, delivery, and stock tracking systems. But on the bright side, we have the complete, ready-made tools for the needs of a fast order delivery operation.

Loyalty is essential, and fast delivery has a massive effect

The importance of loyalty in the grocery industry has come to a stage where it is unquestionable. Almost every brand is spending a considerable amount of their budgets on customer loyalty. There are many factors that affect loyalty, but offering a two-hour delivery option alone makes a significant difference. According to Capgemini Research Institute, 55% of consumers say that their loyalty for grocery retailers will increase if their grocers offer delivery within two hours. And a market report by Gartner states that express order delivery increases brand loyalty by 5.6%. Yes, the express delivery market is increasing rapidly, but there’s still a huge gap. In 2018, only 18% of the major European and US grocers offered fast order delivery, and by 2021, the share of companies that will offer fast delivery is expected to rise by 45%.

The market is changing rapidly, and you can too!

As we have stated above, the future for the grocery industry is undoubtedly in fast order delivery, and the pace of the transformation is incredible. Thanks to ready-made express delivery modules like ours, you can be a part of the change as well. Ubimecs Express Module offers unified delivery service on the digital side, and it is highly customisable.

Our Express E-Commerce Platform offers what matters most in the digital age: an all-inclusive e-commerce platform that puts data first. With Ubimecs Express E-Commerce Module, you can have daily insights about your revenue with location, product category, gender, and age-based reports. Plus, you can monitor your customers’ shopping behavior to build new strategies.

Another feature of the Ubimecs Express E-Commerce Module is that it can be integrated with almost every payment method. Additionally, a popular feature with customers, live order tracking can be used on day one. As we have been partnering with many industries including supermarkets for more than a decade, we have many other ready-made solutions that can be crafted for your needs. To know more about our Express E-Commerce Module, click here.

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