How can our express modules increase your profitability?

08 October 2020
6 min read

How can our express modules increase your profitability?

There are many theories about the future of FMCG shopping; some say that it’s inevitable to go completely online, whereas some say that physical grocery shopping is an enjoyable experience, even a hobby and that it’s always going to be a part of our lives. Whatever happens, experts and executives are sure that the share of online sales will be incomparably higher than physical stores in the near future, and the most powerful element to accelerate the transformation seems to be express order delivery solutions. Plus, it can be more profitable than you think thanks to the ready-made express platforms like ours.

Understanding what the new-age consumer needs

The home delivery demand from customers had already been apparent, but after the pandemic which resulted in lockdowns and social-distancing, the demand skyrocketed. According to Euromonitor International, online grocery shopping has seen record-breaking demand, and experts anticipate that the online transformation to be faster than expected. Still, there is one condition: operators will need to improve the shopping experience of consumers to retain them.

Of course, there are many factors that can improve the experience of customers, but if there was one thing that won the hearts of the customers during the pandemic, it was the fast order delivery option. Yes, it can be pricey compared to a trip to the store, but it is the most convenient option during the hard times. There are many visions for the future of the FMCG industry, including store pickup options, self-checkout, but here, we are going to focus on express order delivery. The majority of the industry executives agree on its importance…

Consumer goods business leader Paull Gribbell shares his opinions on the topic with the following: A critical point from the consumer point of view is that the delivery can happen when they want it, anytime they want it. Grocery shopping will be like ordering a pizza; you know it will be there when you need it.

That’s where the new names in the FMCG industry join the picture. Decades-old companies have an undeniably challenging time adapting to the needs of the millennials when it comes to offering environmentally friendly products, sustainability, and the most grueling of all, the option of fast order delivery. When you add the new generation’s lack of interest in big brands, you get a clearer picture. According to McKinsey’s report from 2018, customers under 35 tend to prefer new brands, especially in food products. The same report states that millennials are almost four times more likely than baby boomers to avoid buying products from the big food companies.

Still, the reputation or recognition of the brands is not important in terms of the rules of the new-age FMCG game. The first and most significant rule is monitoring the demand and being agile. With the right moves, the transformation to online, and even fast delivery, can be more profitable than you think. Yes, it may seem like a difficult path, but many cases show that express delivery is hugely advantageous when companies follow some basic rules. Here, we share some strategies to maximise customer profitability using express order delivery.

Express order delivery: The do’s and dont’s on the road to increased profits

One of the biggest surprises in the shift to express delivery came from the US giant Walmart during the Covid-19 pandemic. The supermarket chain saw the demand and quickly launched its somewhat pricey express order delivery option. Chief customer officer of Walmart, Janey Whiteside explains their bold move with the following:

“We know our customers’ lives have changed during this pandemic, and so has the way they shop. We also know when we come out of this, customers will be busier than ever, and sometimes that will call for needing supplies in a hurry. COVID-19 has prompted us to launch Express Delivery even faster so that we are here for our customers today and in the future.”

Even for a $10 express delivery fee, the results were unexpectedly good. Well, with a powerful brand name like Walmart, that was as expected. But small players across Europe have been offering the same option for far less, and it’s safe to say that their results are even better than Walmart’s.

According to Gartner’s market report in Eastern Europe, companies that focus on express e-commerce earn an average of $11 more per user compared to other e-commerce platforms. And eMarketer’s research shows that express e-commerce increases new customer acquisition by 3%. In short, success is all about analysing the big data and building a solid strategy for your area and customer profile. Thankfully, since everything is happening so fast in express delivery models, it is easier to perform tests to see what works for your brand. With Ubimecs Express E-Commerce Platform, you can have daily, detailed reports based on unique customer profiles, locations, and products. Wait; there’s more!

What our Express E-Commerce Platform offers

Here at Ubimecs, we have been working with brands from different categories like FMCG, airline, telecommunications and more to build unified digital solutions. For our express E-Commerce Platform, we have used our experience and insight into our Ubimecs Q-Commerce Module to build the perfect Platform. Our Express Module offers what our partners need from a        Q-Commerce module, and more. Here are our top features:

Daily Reports

We know the importance of data analysis, so we’ve built our platform to create detailed reports on many variables like regions, product categories, and the demographic characteristics of the customer.

Order Management

One of the biggest challenges in express delivery is following the inventory, logistics, and orders. Since every process is handled in the same system in our platform, you don’t have to worry about managing your inventory and orders.

Order Tracking

Real-time order tracking and the estimated time of arrival, which almost every customer loves, are all automated in our apps.

Behaviour Monitoring

Another feature to build better strategies is behaviour monitoring. You can see the purchasing behaviour of customers according to regions and their demographic characteristics.

You can visit our page to see what more you can do with our Express E-Commerce Module, or book a meeting with a Ubimecs expert to explore what more you can do.

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