How to Increase the Mobile Conversion Rate of Your E-commerce Site?

08 September 2020
3 min read

It has long been said that mobile is the future, but that is no longer true. Mobile is the present, accounting for $1.36 trillion of 2018’s digital sales, and it is still growing. There is enormous potential for e-commerce stores to increase revenue through mobile conversions, but you need to optimise for a high mobile conversion rate. Here are some suggestions to help increase yours, taken from some of the world’s top e-commerce brands.

Make the ‘Buy’ button easily accessible

All your good work to persuade a visitor to buy from you are worth nothing if that visitor can’t see the ‘Buy’ button. One common mistake is to have it at the top of the page, when the visitor has just scrolled all the way to the bottom. Mobile shopping has limited screen space and is based on scrolling. You need to make sure your ‘Buy’ button is conveniently located – sticky cart buttons are a great solution.

On-page product recommendations

Product recommendations are a powerful way for e-commerce stores to provide an enjoyable shopping experience. But they can also help boost a customer’s average order value. It can be challenging to do this with the limited screen space on a mobile device, but you need to make it as convenient as possible for users. Rather than forcing users to go to a separate ‘Related Products’ page, try adding a button that makes the page slide down to an on-page widget? It’s a subtle cross-selling solution that is personalised and delivers excellent customer experience.

Making the most of product images

A quality mobile experience hinges on the images. Whether it’s a mobile site, an app, social media or a game, the visuals are everything. You need to be clued up on optimising your images to make them effective for mobile conversions. Try to take advantage of mobile-specific things like swiping and gestures to interact with the images on-screen. 360-degree product images, rotated by swiping, are engaging and allow users to explore items in greater depth. And there are plenty of third-party tools to make it possible.

Mobile-specific campaigns

A simple way of boosting mobile conversions is to incentivise mobile users with special campaigns like discount codes. You can market these campaigns through your multichannel digital platform but aim at encouraging people to use your m-commerce offering in exchange for special discounts or items. Not only will this strategy help boost purchases made by people who already use your app; it will also encourage desktop users to try your m-commerce platform to take advantage of the special offer.

M-commerce is growing at an exponential rate, and you simply can’t afford to fall behind the game. There is no time like the present to begin claiming your mobile revenue. By just making small adjustments, like the ones in this article, you can begin converting mobile visitors into customers to boost sales higher than ever. It’s all about delivering the best possible mobile experience for your visitors and offering them products that you know they’ll love.

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