Internet of Things or Mobile Connectivity

From the farming machine and your refrigerator to your car, plane engine or whiteboard in a class to or doctor’s medical tools, mobile technology is increasing the importance of the smartphone to connect us to the Internet. As technological improvements and innovation continue, so called term “Internet of Things” becomes “internet of everything” and it accelerates mobile opportunity and opens a new era which is called “mobile transformation”. Via mobile connection, the Internet can make anything more intelligent and controllable from anywhere in the world. This new reality holds new and of course great hopes for our commerce, economy, education, aviation, environment, education, security, social life etc.

$1.2 trillion of surplus value

Mobile is more than connecting a smartphone to the internet. It is connecting our daily life and our habits to the virtual world. According to recent researches, it is predicted that more 50 billion connected objects from door locks to your wallet or dog necklaces will have been in our lives by 2020. Internet of Things will greatly improve our standards of life and of course our economy. IoT is going to create $1.2 trillion of surplus value to the world economic by 2020. This means that mobile connected technology will create new opportunities in different sectors in world economy and commerce as it becomes a part of our daily habits.

Amazon magic buttons   

For example, Amazon have already embedded this technology with a button placed on a refrigerator into retailing. Consumers started to place their orders pushing these connected buttons without using a screen. Today customers do not want to give extra effort to search a product on the internet add it to cart and pay with a credit card. All they need is a button and with these connected buttons Amazon gives its customers what they want.

Mobile connectivity represents the next great wave of what mobile can make possible and we have to accept that mobile is going to shape everything in our life.

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