As a leading innovative brand in the travel industry, Jolly International Tours has announced its upcoming 2016 projects and early reservation campaigns in Istanbul with a press conference, followed by the rollout of their new native mobile travel app designed and developed by tmob, using the MAGMA platform.

The event started with Jolly International Tours’ new advertisements and jingle introduced by Mete Vardar, the Chairman of the Executive Board. Vardar stated that they will make 2016 the Jolly year with prospering projects.  Jolly’s General Manager, Figen Erkan, was introduced to the floor to share the current facts and growth statistics in the travel industry and travelling behaviors amongst local customers.  Also, she announced that they are expecting a 50% growth in 2016 as a result of their new business strategy, including an aggressive marketing budget. Currently, Jolly International Tours is providing travel services in 54 countries and 17 languages.


To introduce the new mobile app, an SMS was sent to all attendees, directing them to download the mobile app from the App Store and Google Play. Three attendees who were fast enough to download the app and complete their reservation won a free vacation. Mert Vardar, Vice Chairman, highlighted the importance of technological developments and mobile advancements for Jolly International Tours in achieving their goals and improving customer satisfaction. Vardar also indicated that 41% of online traffic is already coming from mobile devices as our daily lives become more mobile-dependent.

As tmob, we congratulate Jolly Tours for going mobile to deliver seamless mobile experiences to their customers.

“Don’t worry, be Jolly!”