Magento and t-appz partnership announced

t-appz, DIY m-commerce app platform developed by tmob became Magento’s official m-commerce solution partner. Magento is the world’s largest e-commerce cart provider — used by more than 220,000 e-commerce businesses, globally.

Since 2009, continually deepening its know-how and domain expertise, especially in m-commerce technologies, tmob achieved great success with its new DIY m-commerce product, t-appz, which was introduced to the marketplace in 2014. t-appz, developed with the idea of delivering 100% native mobile experiences, became the official m-commerce solution partner of Magento, the world’s largest e-commerce cart provider.


The easiest way to mobilize your e-commerce business: t-appz

t-appz provides e-commerce businesses the fastest and easiest way to create a 100% native mobile app. It comes pre-integrated with 30+ e-commerce carts, doesn’t require coding knowledge and businesses can start using t-appz at zero investment cost.


The journey from tmob’s offices to Magento

“Since the very first day of its establishment, tmob has been providing unprecedented solutions in the Turkish mobile arena. tmob is one of the most experienced companies in developing mobile applications for top brands in the e-commerce market. With t-appz, our main goal was to make m-commerce applications accessible to businesses of all sizes. With this DIY product we are offering a platform to businesses who want to increase their mobile presence, yet do not have large budgets to build m-commerce apps” said Rudi Dökmecioğlu, the Founder and CEO of tmob.

Rudi Dökmecioğlu, who sees the partnership with Magento as a milestone, summarized the partnership process: “tmob’s US and Turkey offices worked in collaboration and proved the value and capabilities of our m-commerce product to Magento.” Besides having the goal of integrating t-appz with other global e-commerce platforms in the short and the long term to increase the number of users, tmob’s CEO emphasized that the success we’ve achieved will mark the beginning of a new era for the e-commerce market in Turkey. The fact that a Turkish company having achieved this success opens the way for other companies in the market, he added.


A successful partnership with the world’s largest — and a seamless mobile experience

As of today, t-appz – accepted by Magento, which is being used by more than 220,000 e-commerce businesses, globally – will be available to all e-commerce businesses running on the Magento platform, enabling them to deliver native m-commerce apps in less than a day.

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