Everything you need from an m-commerce solution — and more

Develop, test, monitor and maintain native m-commerce apps using Magma’s robust framework and feature-rich tech stack to establish a strong mobile presence

Magma is tmob’s premium PCI compliant mobility solution empowering large-scale enterprises with sophisticated e-commerce infrastructures to manage their mobile ecosystem from a single powerful platform, while maximizing their ROI.

Magma enables businesses to develop native and feature-rich m-commerce apps with minimum development effort, ensure their apps are of highest quality by running tests on real devices, engage end-users with personalized marketing campaigns and monitor app performance 24/7 to provide seamless mobile experiences, while facilitating app maintenance processes in the long run.

Mobile apps are living projects that require continuous effort and improvement on the way. As technology evolves and the mobile ecosystem changes, keeping up with the latest advancements in versions, devices and developments in operating systems become a growing challenge. At this point, acquiring a robust framework which goes through a continual improvement process is the best way to deliver highest quality native m-commerce apps in line with technological advancements. Magma secures your investment, accelerates your time-to-market and ensures that your apps evolve continually throughout their life cycle.

Develop feature-rich native m-commerce apps

Living in the mobile-first era, online shoppers adopt m-commerce apps providing the smoothest experience. The flexible base foundation of Magma presents limitless customization options to set up a feature-rich native m-commerce app to deliver business expectations.

Explore the extensive set of features in Magma to develop your native mobile app built on the most far-reaching m-commerce platform and significantly cut down your development efforts.

The result is a strong mobile presence delivered on a robust infrastructure with effective and highly designed features.

Magma Product Suite

Development Framework

Magma’s feature-rich m-commerce development framework offers mobile-specific structures helping businesses construct robust and native mobile apps — faster.

  • Pre-integrated with widely-used e-commerce carts
  • Product & Category Structure
  • Basket Structure
  • Check Out & Payment Structure
  • User Profile Structure
  • Store Locator
  • Multiple Language Support
Test Automation & Monitoring

Rapidly increasing number of devices, operating systems and screen sizes make it difficult to maintain optimized app performance by testing across all platforms and on majority of devices in the market. Magma’s test automation system secures your investment by preventing revenue loss due to crashes or functionality issues.

1testTest Automation

  • Regression Testing
  • Real-time Testing
  • One Script for All
  • Object Validation
  • Full-Featured Test Coding
  • Gestures Support
  • Session Recording
  • Management Dashboard
  • Reporting
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Rich Media Reporting


  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Multiple Device Monitoring
Advanced Analytics

mockup3Monitor your app performance and engagement efforts through Magma’s advanced analytics module, facilitating improvement of your app for better customer engagemen

  • Real Time Store Monitoring
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking Tool Integration
  • Google Tag Manager Integration
  • AppDynamics Integration
Customer Engagement

It’s no longer enough to provide a state-of-the-art shopping app to achieve high rates of user adoption. To get into the minds and hearts of your customers, stay in close touch and personalize their mobile experiences via push notifications and pop-ups.

  • 3customerPush Notifications and Pop-ups
  • Rich Push Notifications
  • Action Push Notifications
  • Partial Push Notification Delivery
  • Gift Checks
  • Deep-linking
  • Scheduling
  • User Groups
  • Segmentation & Tagging
  • Trigger
  • Dashboard
  • Beacon Integration
  • Geofencing
  • Customer Feedback

Check out the Magma API document.

The Magma Advantage

High adaptability

As your needs and business expectations shape your mobile goals, Magma offers you a well-rounded infrastructure to feed and grow your business without technical constraints.

Magma allows you to adapt latest service structure changes with and let’s you introduce new features with minimum effort.


Magma caters a high-potential approach to build apps by a complete software architecture capable of handling data flows with minimum to maximum load.

M-commerce at the speed of technology

When your m-commerce app is built on Magma, you can ensure that it is of highest quality and built with the latest technology, incorporating everything users can expect from an m-commerce app.

Our team focuses on continuously developing Magma by combining real customer insights with best practices and advancements in mobile technology to ensure that your business grows with it. As an up-to-date baseline for your m-commerce app, Magma is the surefire way to maximize your ROI by significantly accelerating your development process and time-to-market.

Easy maintenance

Magma promises easy maintenance via code reusability and standardization to help you focus on managing your app’s performance.

Highest mobile performance

Mobile app architecture has its unique protocols and needs. You can develop an outstanding app as long as your structure meets these specific needs. Your app performance and speed depends on the data flowing through this structure. Keep the load low & speed up with Magma.

M-commerce at the speed of business

Technology is fast and trends are changing in the blink of an eye. You need to catch the wind by adding new features on each day coming. Magma is perfected with a strong and flexible infrastructure to let you improve and maintain your app fast and easy.

Ready-to-use m-commerce app

Need to launch your native m-commerce app real fast? Magma platform is delivered with a full m-commerce app that can be used as a baseline to start designing and developing your app, saving a significant amount of time in your app building period.

With the ready-to-use app, you can enjoy an easy and convenient way to develop a satisfying mobile app for iPhone, Android phone, iPad and Android tablet with extensive functionality and a seamless user interface – with minor changes aligning with your business needs.

What’s more? Magma provides an extensive code library to speed up and facilitate the native m-commerce app building process.

Fully customizable

Magma covers a wide range of business needs and expectations with a fully customizable and flexible framework. It’s the advanced baseline to kick off your native mobile app!

Native from the get go

Stand out from the crowd by delivering a smooth mobile app experience and let your customers navigate and proceed inside your app intuitively. Developing for iOS and Android devices simultaneously, save time and effort in developing, testing and monitoring your apps.

Why is it so strong?

Integration Module

The integration module is designed to easily generate code structures, minimizing the development effort, while integrating the client SDK with the server Magma is running on. Magma provides an interface which can generate predefined automatic requests and responses, so that developers do not have to individually code for different platforms (iOS & Android).


Predefined requests are linked to your API through a reliable verification system by permitting certain users to access your data. Shield your base by mandatory user verification to access your API, guarding your server from requests coming from external sources.

Network Management

Query priority – Deliver a fast and seamless app experience with Magma’s robust queue logic designed and optimized for m-commerce apps.

Configurable time-out periods – Manage time-out periods to optimize user sessions.

Error/exceptions handling – Prevent frustrating user experiences by effectively managing unexpected situations avoiding crashes.

Response/request analysis – Access session analytics to analyze systematic inquiries acquired from responses and requests. It’s important to see the distribution of time-spent for each transaction on your app and see the metrics by time, data transfer size, request queuing, caching, and more.

Logging – Filter and manage session logs to avoid redundant logging and get refined data in your storage.

Retry Count – Count systematical attempts submitted to the server and keep track of session performance, accurately.

Security Protocols

Magma establishes session-based encryption both on the client and the server side. Magma’s security measures yield an added degree of surveillance for your database storages on both sides by guaranteed encrypted software security.

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