Meet the MFS Platform Functional Mobile Wallet App

A mobile wallet offers a digital way to both store your money and spend it. Connect your credit, debit and loyalty cards to your chosen mobile wallet app, then make payments at contactless terminals using your phone’s NFC technology. All it takes is a tap from an unlocked smartphone.

Mobile wallets are as secure as any other app on your phone. They’re convenient, and they stop you from losing your cards.
Many people use mobile wallets for a majority of their spending, both offline and online. In fact, in the US you can now even use your mobile wallet to pay for Girl Scout cookies!

Introducing MFS Platform

The tmob MFS Platform is a mobile wallet framework that you can customise to meet your business needs.
It stores payment cards, loyalty cards and membership cards for online transactions and contactless payments.
The tmob team can design and develop your mobile wallet, including features like:

• Secure cloud storage of card details
• Bill payment facilities
• Optional fees and charges
• P2P money transfers
• Payments in-store and online

Case study: Vodafone Wallet on the MFS Platform
Vodafone Wallet, for iOS and Android, was created using MFS Platform. Users stored their cards in their Vodafone Wallet, making on-the-go payments with their phone.
Bills could be paid by scanning a QR code, and money transfers were instant. Clients could also recharge their credits or purchase packages through the app.

How does a mobile wallet on the MFS Platform work?

Adding a card to a mobile wallet is easy and secure. Once a card is in your wallet, it can be used to make payments even without the physical card to hand. Wherever the physical card would be accepted for contactless transactions, the digital card will also be.

Making payments through a mobile wallet is as simple as selecting the right card and tapping your phone to a card reader. You can select a default card for a majority of your transactions, and simply select another for individual payments.

Digital wallets record your transactions instantly, just as they would if your physical card was used. That information is fed straight to your bank or card account, to keep your balance up to date.
Use the MFS Platform for custom-made mobile wallet apps that can be tailored to your business needs, bringing mobile payments to your customers with all the best features and facilities.

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