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Atahan Işık – tmob US Country Manager

It was a pretty warm Northern California day and I was rushing to make my way to a meeting – exceeding speed limits, just a bit over 101. Finally, I made it to the address and luckily find a parking spot. As I took out my phone to pay for the meter, a common cold question hit me right in the face: ‘How many iOS & Android devices are out there?”.

The answer is straight forward: “Enough to mobilize your business.” Rapidly increasing mobile adoption rates are encouraging businesses to invest in m-commerce, m-banking, m-wallet and m-retail apps.

Of course, mobile success is based on how committed you are to your brand new and most reachable channel – this is yet another story we need to discuss.

My meeting was with a mid-size e-commerce brand. They were happy with their web conversion rates and just ”OK” with their mobile web rates. Their question was: “Why do we need a native mobile app?”

Here is some of the obvious reasons to adopt a native m-commerce app;

Increase your visibility

We spend around 160 minutes on our mobile devices each day, so if you do the math you’ll jump to the conclusion: The deck of my iPhone is the most valuable marketplace in the universe, so hurry up and join the club!

Enhance engagement

Let’s not forget to focus on the engagement part. Engage and interact with your target via offers, incentives and campaigns. What’s in it for your customers? These small steps are the highway to break the ice and create customer loyalty which you’ll enjoy the benefits in the short and long run.

Get to know more about your customer

The more you know the more you’ll have to offer. That’s a fact! So, apps are the perfect source of information about your customers. Demographic information, behaviors and expectations will provide you with the insights you’ll need.

Lower your ad cost, multiply your channels

Utilize your app as a new channel to showcase your business, I mean why not? It’s a not-so-obvious way to promote campaigns, products, and services but it definitely works. Also, you can connect your app with social media platforms and voila! It turns into a perfectly functioning feedback and promotion channel. By the way do not hesitate to funnel your customers to your native mobile app from your “responsive design mobile web thing.”

Sometimes we lose the sight of the very obvious so I want to make a last minute reminder. Mobile technology and its opportunities are far beyond what our smartphones can offer today. Don’t forget to count tablets, wearables and whole new world of devices & technologies. Some of them are already here, others are just around the corner.

You better get used to the idea of – mobile only – since era is on the corner  – seriously!

And here is the next obvious question coming from small & mid size e-commerce and e-retail guys:

”But, it is pricey?’’

They are right, it is!

Look around for a mobile app dev shop or try recruiting a whole bunch of people;

  • Business Analyst,
  • Project Manager,
  • UI/UX Designer,
  • Developers
  • Testers

On top of all, spice it up with a good chunk of budget and good times of your life!

It doesn’t need to be this hectic! There are solutions out there which help mobilize e-commerce brands, providing them with a native mobile app in a very short period of time.

Let me know if you need more info at [email protected] — and I’d highly recommend you to check out t-appz and Magma, tmob’s DIY and premium m-commerce solutions in advance.

You know what, it’s not about this and that. It’s all about your mind shift to the mobile era. If you don’t make this mind shift as an executive, your business won’t be able to do it by itself either.

Oh, btw I got a parking ticket!

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