Mobile Financial
Solutions for

The era of mobile financial services has started for telcos and e-money licensed enterprises.
Be a part of it today!

Mobile Financial
Solutions for

The era of mobile financial services has started for telcos and e-money licensed enterprises.
Be a part of it today!


MFS Platform

The need for alternative payment methods like digital money is increasing each day. More and more customers prefer digital payments rather than cash and this is where MFS Platform sets the trends.

Imagine a solution that extends beyond any digital payment systems. With its customizable and flexible structure, increase customer reach and generate new revenue streams. Your business model will be utterly modified and reborn with digital payment transformation. 

Empower your company with digital engagement data through MFS and address customer needs in every aspect as they are changing and evolving rapidly.



Build seamless user experience across all digital channels.

Gain more offline partners that desire online transactions.

Acquire more data points to increase profits.



Develop new revenue streams by enabling mobile payment.

Improve customer satisfaction with new value-added services.

Increase customer loyalty and reach the underbanked and unbanked.


MFS Features

Prepaid Mobile Top-Up

Top-up prepaid balance with all eligible payment instruments in the wallet which are legally accepted as sources of funds for mobile top-up transactions.

P2P Pre-Paid Top-Up

P2P top-up to utilize customers wallet to top-up another person’s prepaid account.


Link your wallet account with one or more existing MNO to use your mobile account for payment with two options: add to mobile postpaid due balance or subtract from mobile prepaid balance

P2P Money Transfer

A P2P Money Transfer transaction consists of a wallet customer utilizing his/her wallet to send money to another wallet user’s e-money account in the wallet.

Bill Payment

MFS Platform is able to support bill payment and bill presentment to the MFS platform users for bills issued by a variety of providers in the ecosystem marketplace.


Use the e-money stored in the wallet (SVA) in order to perform wallet transactions by maintaining more than one type of e-money account per wallet customer.

Digital Payment

Digital Payments online e-commerce refers to purchase transactions performed by tmob MFS platform users at e- commerce sites. 

Debit and Credit Cards

Use your mobile account as a payment instrument and collect, authenticate, register and secure storage of credit, debit and virtual cards. 


Integrate the new SDK to your web and mobile platforms and receive the payments easily.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

Full and flexible support for multiple KYC levels. All tmob MFS services are provided to the customer according to the KYC levels.

Physical Store Payment

Closed loop merchant payment functionality users are complemented with loyalty functionality reflecting all loyalty programs commercially applicable for the respective merchant.


Standard process to sign up for the service via the mobile app or web.

Account Management

Assign a unique customer identifier for Wallet accounts e.g. social security number, system allocated user ID or combination thereof etc.

Fees and Charges

Set up differentiated charges based on customer profile/ attributes e.g. customer age. Enable wallet to easily create, modify or remove charges and charges profiles.  


Case Studies

Read how tmob’s MFS platform can provide business benefits for your company.


A telco becoming a financial service provider.


World’s leading telco that offers more than communication.

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