Express Module

A new way of shopping experience.

Why Ubimecs
Express Module

All-inclusive express e-commerce platform catered towards cosmetic, healthcare, medical and supermarkets chain stores.

Daily Earning Reports

Sales reports can be obtained daily via smart dashboards, filtered by regions, product categories and the demographic characteristics of the customer.

Payment Management

Many payment options can be easily managed and payment options can be defined according to regions (credit card payment, online payment, payment at the delivery, payment through third party cards).

Profit Management

The individual and total profits of the sales made on a product basis can be tracked daily on smart dashboards.

Order Management

It facilitates logistics and inventory management by allowing detailed reports of orders according to regions, product categories and the demographic characteristics of the customer.

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

Order deliveries of couriers can be tracked in real-time. Thus, each customer is shown in real-time how long it will take to deliver the product.

Behaviour Monitoring

The purchasing behaviour of customers can be monitored according to regions and their demographic characteristics. Thus, effective inventory management is provided.

Transform Your E-Commerce Business with Agile Features

Check out the features to make your express store operational on multiple online channels.

Real Time Map View and Tracking

Have your customers view and track the situation of their orders in real time.

Delivery Option

If you deliver or use 3rd party delivery systems, you can easily adapt the delivery option to your customers.

Categories & Listings

Create your own category listing that according to your offering.

Campaigns & Offers

Communicate to your customers on discounts, featured products and more.

Product Details

Create product details such as product images, description and product specifications, add to favorites and more.


Sales rates, profitability levels of the stores, the number of items in stock can be reported daily according to the locations.

Real-Time Product Inventory

Receive reports on how much product is left in stock according to product categories and stores in real-time.

Payment Options

Offer multiple payment options to customers. Customers can complete their orders using several payment methods.

Add Favorite
and Product Offer

Customers can add any particular store in their favorites list and manage the list with the options of adding or removing stores.

Advanced Push Notifications

Send personalized offers and campaign notifications according to the products of interest and order history of the customers.

with the Customers

Manage text messages, e-mails, instant chat with customers, customer calls, and real-time notifications through the application.

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