Grocery Module

A new way of shopping experience.

Why Ubimecs
Grocery Module

All-inclusive online grocery platform catered towards
chain stores, supermarkets, DIY stores and more.

Lower Business Overhead

Cost-effective, fast to launch and quick reach to the market, and it reduces the overhead and operating costs.

Greater Customer Reach

With the rise of mobile shopping, retailers are looking for ways to reach their customers 24/7. Reach your customers from multiple digital channels.

Get to Know Your Customer

Track your customer’s behavior and create offers catered towards their habits. Personalizing customer interaction has become part of selling as it improves customer experience.

Stay With the Trend

E-commerce alone is not enough anymore, voice shopping is to take center stage. Siri and Google Assistant connection will allow you to stay relevant.

Easier UI Maintenance

The component infrastructure allows you to make UI changes without releasing a new version to your app store.

Multiple Digital Channels

Your platform can be used in multiple digital channels, such as desktop, mobile and other environments.

Grocery Module Features

Check out the features to make your grocery store operational on
multiple online channels.

Click & Collect

Have your customers collect their orders from the store at their convenience.

Delivery Option

If you deliver or use 3rd party delivery systems, you can easily adapt the delivery option to your customers

Categories & Listings

Create your own category listing that according to your offering

Campaigns & Offers

Communicate to your customers on discounts, featured products and more.

Product Details

Create product details such as product images, description and product specifications, add to favorites and more.

Shopping Cart

Offer your customers more options such as region, address and delivery selection, update shopping cart, remove or add products and discount codes.

Store Navigator

Allow your users to find the closest store around them and provide navigation through the popular map applications.

Register & Login

Facilitate the onboarding process with the e-mail auto-complete feature. Provide alternative login options like Facebook Connect.

Engagement Features

With various push notification, deeplink support and sales funnel uplift scenarios, make your platform users more active than ever.

Loyalty Program

Build a long term relationship with your customers and keep their interests high thanks to the loyalty program you offer. Let the users add and see their loyalty program cards and get loyalty points.


Get meaningful insights regarding the download rates, total users, revenue in a time interval, conversion rates and total income, with a user device breakdown.

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