Wouldn't it be so exciting to use and test your app before it goes live?

What is Prototyping?

After we create the flows and design the pixel-perfect screens, you can use prototyping to test your application before you introduce it to its users.
Before presenting your application to its user, you can make direct tests and navigate between the screens in real devices. This process allows you to prevent unnecessary costs in terms of money and time.

Who needs prototyping?

It is a service we would definitely recommend to you to see and test the screens and flows closely. In the end, you can discover cases that you wouldn't have foreseen or noticed any other way. For digital products with complex flows, it is a good idea to thoroughly check the final design before presenting it to your users. By prototyping these complex flows, you save time by taking the actions you want to take before going live.

What to expect from prototyping?


Usually a link to the interactive prototype


Sharing the outputs in discussion sessions

What comes after?

Prototyping is an essential service in making everything go smoothly while designing user-friendly products. We recommend prototyping for foreseeing the flaws in the process before the product goes live. After this step you can decide whether to improve or change the final design.

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