Research & Design

A user-centric design approach with extraordinary customer experiences. 


User Research & Insights

A well-developed digital product must fit customers’ needs and deliver seamless experience. Understand your users to gain actionable insights to be applied in their experience process for your products or services. We use qualitative and quantitative user research methods to guarantee that your customers are fully engaged with your product and services.

Case Studies

Turn your assumptions into validated outcomes with tmob’s research and insights expertise. Read through the case studies to see how we can do the same thing for your company.


World’s leading telco that offers more than communication.


Leading grocery chain and its transformation into online store.


Usability Testing

Deep-dive on how people use your product with the guidance of analytics platforms, contextual interviews, prototyping and testing users’ preferences during their user journey. This way, you can identify problem areas within the product and save time for your company and users. Your complete guide to a successful product launch.

Case Studies

Find out how real users can guide your digital success and how tmob can help you achieve results.


More than just your standard airline ticket.


M-commerce platform that provides native mobile apps.


Digital Product Design

User Experience Design (UX Design)

As it is known, UX is essential to fulfilling the users’ needs. In order to cover your business expectations, we structure your user experience by building the primary and alternative ways of conversion only after performing user research & usability tests. The entire process of user interaction and integrating processes into the product will be covered. Gain more customers, increase customer retention, lower support costs, increase productivity and reduce development time.  

User Interface Design (UI Design)

We make beautiful and elegant interfaces that users can easily adapt to. In this phase, we aim to create interfaces users will find easy to use and pleasurable. We handle all the elements including buttons, sections, colour scheme, easy-to-read fonts, branding etc. to keep the value proposition clear and engaging. We focus on consistency and simplicity in the user interfaces we build
to convert the users in the desired result.

Case Studies

tmob’s advanced team of experts in banking, telco, fintech, airline and retail create the best user experience and interfaces based on research, testing and new trends and functional needs. Check out some of these case studies below.


Building UK’s new digital banking solution over open banking.


A telco becoming a financial service provider.