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15 years track record

“For the past 15 years we have delivered many successful projects; some of them with extensive design activities. By creating a company that is focused on design, we are aiming to scale our prowess in delivering great digital experiences”

Rudi Dökmecioglu, founder of Tmob

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A new era in design has been inaugurated with Shape. Global technology powerhouse Tmob's 15 years of extensive knowledge of user experience and interface design transformed into a completely different venture to create groundbreaking product designs for your business needs. We see that “Providing quality products at ever-faster speeds” is not only a prominent trend for the design industry but spotting an urgent need: answering user expectations in the fast-changing circumstances. We are enthusiastic about agility, and we know the benefits it offers. The key is understanding your expectations, product, and customer needs.

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Shape aims to create value beyond aesthetics by building a connection between design and use.

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We value flexibility through the needs of our customers. We are passionate about agility and aware of the benefits it brings along.

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