Turn Your Brand Into a New-Age Fintech Hub with our Future-Ready Fintech Solutions

As the banking industry is evolving into digital with new standards and technologies, e-banking solutions are opening a new door to the future.

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Future-Ready Fintech Solutions

We’re in an age where everyone has to act like a financial institution sooner or later. Thanks to open banking and banking as a service ecosystems, it’s easier than ever to join the game.

Whether you want to build a digital bank from scratch or implement fintech features to your brand operations, our Future-Ready Fintech Solutions have got you covered on the infrastructure and UX-UI based design fronts. Loans, savings, digital transactions, e-wallets, and more are ready for your service. Tell us what you need, and we’ll tinker with the platform picking the best features and integrations for you.

Full-Scale Fintech Features

Today’s disrupted financial service market doesn’t require companies to become banks to serve almost as banks on the fundamental level. That’s why you see e-commerce and silicon valley giants turning into fintechs, and the good news is, you can, too—all you need is Tmob’s Future-Ready Fintech Solutions Platform working with your own digital banking or e-money license or a partner providing BaaS (banking as a service). You can implement the best fintech features for your operation, or even build a digital bank from scratch!

Secure on Every Level

Tmob Future-Ready Fintech solutions Platform takes security at the centre on every level. Customer information, payment history, and anything that goes through the platform’s infrastructure is encrypted. On top of that, regional security measures and standarts can be implemented to the platform, leaving you nothing to worry about on the legal front.

Powered by Open Banking

The global financial scene is on the verge of a revolution thanks to open banking and PSD2. There’s no doubt that the next couple of years will be even more disrupted. That’s why we constantly keep on adding new features to our Future-Ready Fintech Solutions Platform to take advantage of open banking in the best way possible. Whether it’s a neobank or an e-money service you’re planning to build, our platform will always be one step ahead of the game with the most viable features.

Building UK’s new digital banking solution over open banking.
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