Achieve breakthrough digital experience on our innovative Mobile Financial Solutions Platform

Take part in the mobile payments revolution with our custom-fit Mobile Financial Solutions Platform

3 Global Brands & +40 Active End users take advantage of the power of our MFS Platform

3 Global Brands & +40 Active End users take advantage of the power of our MFS Platform

MFS Platform

Money is in constant evolution towards digital. Digital wallets, mobile wallets, and e-money have already taken the place of their predecessors. With our MFS Platform, you can step into the mobile money-centric world of the new age.

We built the Tmob Mobile Financial Solutions Platform around new-age digital payment methods. With every new feature and capability, it has become an alternative payment platform that can handle all about mobile money.

Many businesses from various branches can take advantage of the e-money capabilities of the Tmob MFS Platform. In short, our MFS Platform handles anything you can imagine when you think about money, mobile devices, and agility in the same place.

Platform Highlights

+40 Million
active end-users
mobile money apps of global brands
13 Years
of know-how

Platform Benefits

Innovative mobile finance platform for delivering breakthrough digital experiences
Saves your time with a fast integration
A reliable platform that can be customized as your requests
Integrates with all common 3rd party products
Complies with international safety standards

MFS Features

All-in-one payment solution
Allows users to pay bills and shop online—all in the same brand ecosystem.
P2P money transfer
Allows users to make transactions between other users via their e-wallets.
Customisable build
Allows businesses to add and delete features based on their customer profile.
Enhanced data collection
Lets companies gather user data based on their payment & transaction history.
Analytics tools
Lets brands take advantage of customer data to build higher loyalty.
Easy-to-use payment solution
Lets users onboard within minutes, without any complicated registration process.
World security standards
Can be easily implemented into the MFS Platform, no matter where your business is.
Digital & Physical
Payments are available via QR, NFC, or even a prepaid card.
The key to the city of Istanbul with a population of 16 million
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