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What is Ubimecs Q-Commerce Module?

All-inclusive quick commerce platform catered towards chain stores, supermarkets, DIY stores and more for 15-minutes delivery.

Customise all you need
Ubimecs Instant Delivery Module offers on-demand delivery management software that can be customised according to the needs of any kind of business; so that you don’t have to start from scratch.
Track & manage everything in one place
With Ubimecs, the only thing you get isn’t a delivery management system; you also get a key to an end-to-end orchestration platform both on q-commerce and e-commerce fronts. Control revenues, order management, and delivery management in the same place!
Always stay up to date
As a customisable, tailor-made platform, Ubimecs is always updated with the latest features and stays ahead of time, so you don’t miss any q-commerce and delivery management trends.
Personalise offers
Data is the key to success, and Ubimecs takes advantage of every bit of customer data. Ubimecs Instant Delivery Module can create personalised offers according to user metrics based on location, income groups, and many more.
Be present on every device
Continuity is one of the biggest problems for on-demand delivery software. Well, not anymore. Ubimecs offers an online grocery platform that works across all devices. Your customers can start their shopping journey on one device, and finish on another.
Offer the coolest delivery experience
With Ubimecs, your customers can schedule orders or choose to have them delivered instantly. With features like Estimated Time of Arrival, delivery tracking, and order scheduling, you can offer your shoppers a wide range of choices in the latest & coolest way.

Q-Commerce Module Features

Ubimecs offers tailor-made instant delivery software features that are ready to be customised for the needs of your business.

Delivery options

Shoppers can choose their orders to be collected from stores, delivered at their homes in choosing a time slot, or delivered instantly within minutes. In short, you can offer an all-in-one online shopping experience.


You can list your products under various categories and sub-categories for easy navigation, so you can reach your potential in offering the best customer experience in grocery delivery.

Detailed product listings

You can add detailed information for each product like ingredients, size, and weight for a more store-like experience for your shoppers.

Real-time delivery tracking

Customers can track where their orders are via the delivery tracking feature, and even get an estimated time of arrival thanks to the integrated AI of Ubimecs.

Personalised offers

You can send notifications and personalised offers for various target audiences to create a stronger bond with your customers and to deplete stocks.

Shopping Cart
Offer your customers more options such as region, address and delivery selection, update shopping cart, remove or add products and discount codes.
Store Navigator
Allow your users to find the closest store around them and provide navigation through the popular map applications.
Register & Login
Facilitate the onboarding process with the e-mail auto-complete feature. Provide alternative login options like Facebook Connect.
Customer Engagements
With various push notification, deeplink support and sales funnel uplift scenarios, make your platform users more active than ever.
Loyalty Program
Build a long term relationship with your customers and keep their interests high thanks to the loyalty program you offer. Let the users add and see their loyalty program cards and get loyalty points.
Engagement Features
Get meaningful insights regarding the download rates, total users, revenue in a time interval, conversion rates and total income, with a user device breakdown.
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