Summer Is coming – is your mobile strategy ready?

summer-mobile As our behavior and agendas change between seasons, so do our online and offline shopping habits. When the weather gets warmer, people spend more time outdoors, take time off from work, have long weekend escapes and go on longer vacations, while spending less time online and at their desks. In fact, summer to the year is like Saturday to the week (the day which online shopping is at its lowest). The decrease of seasonal traffic has been a concern of media and ad producers as well as online businesses for some

time. Nevertheless, decrease in web traffic does not need to upset online businesses, as they have an alternative and perhaps even stronger channel to communicate with consumers: MOBILE!

While it is not very common to see people lying around on the beach with their laptops, you will probably come across way too many people almost meditating into the screens of their smartphones, which should be telling something very important to business owners and marketers about their mobile strategy. As people leave their computers at home, they take their mobile devices with them. For Google, mobile comprised almost half of all traffic from June to November, with 52% coming from desktops and 48% from mobile. And in November, mobile traffic surpassed the quantity of visits from desktop, marking the turning point on the way to mobile dominance for Google.[1] On top of the rising mobile traffic, a research by comScore Inc. regarding online time spent on smartphones and tablets, shows an impressive change of nearly 8% (52% to 60%) between winter months and summer months.

While winter months are peak times for online commerce, summer is the time for mobile to shine! Businesses should be prepared and equipped for a promising mobile traffic during summer and invest

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in their mobile strategies as soon as they can before the season begins!

Does your business have a mobile strategy?