In an era of noise and fierce competition, brands need to get their messages across, at the right time and place to get their customers’ attention, built trust and achieve brand loyalty. It’s a constant race!

When brands penetrate successfully into one’s mobile device, they have a higher chance to make an impact on users’ choices. Reaching customers where they are already engaged is key — and the opportunity to connect with customers should be used wisely through a smart and effective customer engagement platform.

What is t-race?

t-race is a customer engagement platform that helps businesses communicate with mobile shoppers through push notifications and pop-ups delivered to their mobile apps.

t-race enables reaching out to customers at the right time and place with highly personalized and relevant messages, engaging them to purchase what they like – right away!

Choose the right way to engage

Whether you’d like to send push notifications or pop-ups, get into the minds and hearts of your customers with personalized offers, incentives and campaigns.

Choose from various rich push notifications options such as iOS interactive push, Android image push, action image push or gift checks  to engage your customers. One-to-many or targeted? That’s totally your decision.

Do you have in-store beacons? Integrate them with your mobile app to influence in-store purchasing behaviors with relevant and timely pop-up or push campaigns.

t-race also offers advanced deep-linking features to pull your customers into your app whenever they search an item on the web by linking each product on your e-commerce website to your mobile app directly.

Target different groups

Sending generic offers, incentives and campaigns may not always be your best bet. Knowing your customers, building trust and making them feel deeply connected to your brand can significantly impact purchasing decisions.

Easily add tags to your customer profiles based on demographic data, segment them into groups based on their purchasing behaviors and define rules to easily manage push notifications based on usage information such as average time spent in the app. This way you can send personalized and relevant campaigns at the right place and time, which will result in higher engagement and brand loyalty.

Deploy your campaigns with ease

Is it time to push the button? t-race offers various methods to facilitate the campaign deployment process, which can be quite nerve wrecking. If you are reaching out to millions of customers, using the partial delivery option, you can deploy your push notification campaigns in multiple phases, ensuring faster delivery and avoiding server overload.

t-race allows you to schedule start and end dates for your push notifications and pop-up campaigns and set times for deployment. Or, you can choose to create rules to trigger campaigns to mobile shoppers if all predefined conditions are met.

Measure customer engagement

Once your campaigns are up and running, it’s time to sit back and track what’s happening from a single pane of glass. t-race’s dashboard shows a real-time graphical distribution of number of pop-up and push notifications sent, notifications opened, pop-ups shown on Android and iOS devices, usage time, active users, new users and more.

For push notifications, you can also view session length distribution to measure the time spent inside the app once the push is received, gathering insights on how well your campaigns are performing.

Start engaging your mobile customers today.